Florim obtains B Corp certification

As part of its journey towards complete sustainability, in March 2020 Florim became a benefit company and introduced into its new Articles of Association a commitment to create a positive impact on the environment and the local area and community. Now the Fiorano-based company has taken a further step forward by gaining B Corp certification.

The certification was granted following a rigorous analysis and assessment process conducted by B Lab, the US-based global non-profit organisation that promotes the B Corp model. The score achieved by Florim Italia was 98.1 points while the group-wide score, which includes the American subsidiary, was 90.9 points. This excellent result ranks among the highest in the manufacturing/industrial sector and far exceeds the minimum score of 80 points required for B Corp status, the threshold that indicates a company’s ability to generate profit in a socially responsible way and to give back real value to the community.

This result, achieved with the support of Nativa, the sustainable innovation company committed to bringing positive change to economic models, allows Florim to join the movement present in over 74 countries and currently made up of another 3,700 B Corp companies that operate according to a “regenerative” model. B Corp sustainability standards are recognised as the benchmark for identifying companies that create shared and lasting value.