Design2Curtain developed as a partnership between Florim and Schüco Italia

The combination of Florim’s product and design culture and Schüco Italia’s expertise has led to the development of a distinctive and sustainable solution for the building envelope. It provides a concrete response to the demands of architects, who see an urgent need to introduce innovative and sustainable solutions in architecture. Design2Curtain is an aluminium framed façade solution consisting of fixed and retractable elements that can be combined with glass and porcelain tiles. The innovative system guarantees high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation as well as resistance to the elements in keeping with the highest market standards, while also enhancing the aesthetic value of buildings.

Combining the advantages of the aluminium frame system with the unique characteristics of the large Florim slabs, this unique façade solution stands out for its versatile, customised aesthetics inspired by the most varied surfaces, from marble to stone, wood, concrete and plain colours. A mechanical anchoring system coupled with structural gluing enables the slabs to be used both as an interior decorative element and as an exterior building finish, where they also serve to insulate the building envelope.