COEM – Accredited sustainability

In 2022, Coem was awarded third-party verification by Certyquality according to ‘ISO 17889-1 – Sustainability for ceramic tiles’, a new international standard for determining the level of sustainability of ceramic products in the construction trade.
This standard analyses the entire life cycle of the product, from raw materials to disposal, also assessing health and safety parameters for workers, and much more.

This prestigious recognition confirms Coem’s commitment to vigorously pursue policies of environmental and social responsibility throughout its production operations, certifying the excellence of highly sustainable porcelain stoneware.

Coem products have been verified by a third party and compliant with the ISO 17889-1 standard on the sustainability of ceramic tiles. The new standard defines a system for evaluating the product throughout its life cycle, using qualitative and quantitative indicators for environmental performance and social and economic responsibility related to its design, production, installation and use. The standard also provides for the evaluation of the rating achieved so that it can be compared to support certification schemes, allowing designers and end customers to have a clear reference for selecting products that can contribute most to sustainability in buildings.

ISO 17889-1 establishes sustainability criteria for ceramic surfaces with the aim of providing design professionals, contractors and consumers with a verifiable and internationally valid standard for identifying product sustainability according to economic, environmental and social sustainability criteria.

The standard provides thirty-eight parameters, with which compliance is mandatory and which determine a specific score for each product, comparing it with reference values. Only ceramic tiles that achieve a minimum score of 117.5 can obtain ISO 17889-1 certification.

This standard is also in line with goal number 12 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for consumption and production, defined by the UN as part of the 2030 Agenda.