Ceramiche Keope increasingly green

As part of its continuous journey towards innovation and sustainability, Ceramiche Keope has achieved a major new milestone by obtaining ISO 17889 certification “Sustainability for ceramic tiles”.

This is the first standard published by ISO to certify the sustainability of a specific product. The new standard establishes a system for assessing the sustainability of ceramic tiles based on 38 requirements relating to the environmental sustainability of the product, process and supply chain, corporate social responsibility, and the safety and energy efficiency of the production process. ISO 17889 therefore allows ceramic companies to certify the technical qualities of their product range and the good practices they have adopted at a corporate level, enabling designers and end customers to choose sustainable products based on a widely adopted and internationally valid method of evaluation.

This important new recognition confirms Keope’s position as one of the most advanced and sustainability-conscious companies in today’s ceramic industry and its ability to deliver products with a very high standard of quality and low environmental impact.