Ceramiche Gresmalt opens new headquarters in Sassuolo

The Ceramiche Gresmalt group has completed its new headquarters, an innovative building that reimagines the concept of space in the heart of the Sassuolo ceramic district. The headquarters covers a total area of 3,200 sqm of offices, plus 1,400 sqm devoted to showrooms and 10,000 sqm of green spaces.

The building, which has the form of two petals that open and connect organically with the surroundings, aims to integrate an innovative workplace into a natural, sustainable environment.

The project stands out for its transparency, dynamic curves and play of shadows, characteristics that enhance the building’s contemporary qualities and allow it to dialogue with the green area and emerge as a new organism within the city’s urban landscape.

The project marks an important step in the history of the Gresmalt Group, which has maintained continuous growth over the years by combining innovation and a passion for technology with constant investments while making sustainability a cornerstone of its business culture.