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Projects by MAPEI S.p.A.

Demjén Cascade Cave SPA - Demjén (H)

A spa with a new, technical dimension

The Demjén Cascade Cave and Adventure Spa, located some 250 km from Budapest, is a charming health resort with 1500 square metres of baths, seven swimming pools and a cave system 760 metres long

Surfaces: MAPEI
Il Centro Shopping Centre - Arese (MI)

Unexpected, thrilling architecture

The iconic "Il Centro" shopping centre building in Arese, one of Europe's largest retail spaces, stands on the site where the legendary Alfa Romeo cars were built

Surfaces: MAPEI
Adhesives: Mapei
Casa Soligon Private Home - S. Lucia di Piave (TV)

A contemporary archetype

This archetypal, monolithic family home in the Treviso countryside was designed by Milanese Architects Office. The construction is characterised by austere forms and a top-quality finish. A snow-white envelope provides traditional references and safeguards the privacy of its owners

Surfaces: MAPEI
Adhesives: Mapei