Atlas Concorde Park Studio redefines the concept of visitor experience

Atlas Concorde Park Studio is the newly opened Atlas Concorde exhibition space designed to showcase the essence and core values of a company that for more than 50 years has been renowned within the industry for the outstanding performance, quality and beauty of its products.

The new space is located at the company’s headquarters in Fiorano Modenese, a multifunctional site that also houses its production facilities and state-of-the-art automated warehouse inside a four-hectare centuries-old park equipped with excellent functional facilities.

Atlas Concorde Park Studio combines promotion, hospitality and inspiration and allows visitors to get a close-up view of the company’s wide range of products and discover unique solutions tailored specifically to their needs. It covers an area of 3,000 square metres devoted both to Atlas Concorde and to its brands Atlas Plan, which specialises in large slabs for kitchen countertops and furniture surfaces, and Atlas Concorde Habitat, devoted to porcelain stoneware furnishing elements with a portfolio comprising tables, coffee tables, washbasins and vanity tops.

Created by Atlas Concorde’s architectural design team in collaboration with MPArchitects and Studio Ferriani, the new space breathes new life into a formerly industrial area. The exterior maintains the integrity of the existing building’s skyline in complete consistency with the site, while the expansive glass surfaces give the structure a bright, contemporary feel and offer scenic views over the adjacent park. The high-ceilinged interiors allow visitors to enjoy a unique view of the large ceramic slabs, which integrate seamlessly with the rest of the Atlas Concorde product portfolio. Last but not least, an outdoor space blurs the distinction between interior and exterior and allows the building to integrate into its surroundings while serving as an ideal setting for informal meetings or relaxation.

The showroom’s striking architecture does full justice to the company’s vast array of ceramic collections, which are presented in a layout designed to show off their special features. The sequence of spaces is intended to inspire visitors with a design proposal that showcases the full potential of the Atlas Concorde range. The interior has an elegant look and feel where the selected materials radiate a sense of naturalness and warmth and are characterised by an inviting warm grey colour palette.

To enable visitors to explore the company’s vision and values through interaction design, the space will integrate soft-tech features developed in collaboration with the company’s innovation partner Dotdotdot. The Atlas Concorde Platform, an innovative digital infrastructure, interacts with existing digital services to offer an architecturally integrated customer experience.

“Atlas Concorde is much more than the excellence of its products. Atlas Concorde is a promise of values,” says Efrem Grasselli, Marketing Director. “This new exhibition space reflects our vision centred around the needs of our customers, designers and global partners. It provides a unique experience that caters to increasingly challenging market demands in a welcoming and inspiring setting.”




Cer Magazine International 66 | 12.2023