Outdoor façades

Did you know that ceramic tile is perfect for building façades?


Ceramic resists atmospheric agents and UV radiation, making it the perfect covering for outdoor façades, even on ventilated walls designed for thermal comfort.

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Ceramic for architectural envelopes

From traditional vertical façade cladding to the latest dry-mounted ventilated façade technologies, ceramic has demonstrated an exceptional ability to meet the needs of the world of architecture and construction.  read more >

Sustainability of ceramic materials and surfaces

An environmental impact assessment conducted over the entire product life cycle (LCA) showed that ceramic has the lowest impact of all floor covering materials. Pale-coloured ceramic installed outdoors is capable of reducing the heat island effect, an important characteristic in the environmental certification of buildings. read more >

Designing ventilated façades in accordance with standards

From a regulatory standpoint, most of the requirements that must be followed when designing an effective, safe and long-lasting anchoring system are set out in the standard UNI EN 11018:2003 “Claddings and anchoring systems for mechanically assembled ventilated façades. Instructions for design, installation and maintenance”.  read more >

Ventilated façade anchoring systems

Considerations of an aesthetic, economic, energy and performance nature underpin the growing demand for installation of ventilated façades. Although a wide variety of materials can be used, Italian ceramic tiles are the ideal solution given their characteristics of flexibility, aesthetics, inertia, sustainability and durability.  read more >

Building envelopes: energy requalification, aesthetic improvement and saving

Within a climate of renewed attention to beauty and design in building construction, and under the spur of new fiscal incentives, one of the most interesting challenges contemporary architects are facing today is the issue of well-designed sustainable and energy saving building envelopes, be it simple coating solutions or more performing ones such as ventilated façades.  read more >

We are what we design

The choice of materials is one of the most critical factors in the sustainability and performance of a project. The functions performed by materials go well beyond aspects of construction and aesthetics and include the energy comfort of buildings.  read more >