FAMOUS BATHROOMS, theme exhibition of Cersaie 2019

23.09.2019 - 27.09.2019
Bologna (Italia )

Famous Bathrooms is the title of the theme exhibition of this year’s Cersaie, the international ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings show to be held in Bologna from 23 to 27 September 2019. The exhibition staged in Hall 30 will have cross-cutting appeal in terms of product types and exhibition experience and will be a valuable addition to the cultural offerings of Cersaie. This year’s event, the sixth in the series, will adopt a rather different approach while maintaining the same format. The two curators, Angelo Dall’Aglio and Davide Vercelli, have chosen a new and highly innovative exhibition model, a cross between a traditional trade fair and an art gallery where each set will display a small number of carefully selected items. Unlike previous editions of the event, this year each company will have its own independent and clearly recognisable space which it is free to customise using its own logo.

Famous Bathrooms will offer a free interpretation of bathrooms inspired by personalities who have shaped history, from The Beatles to Sigmund Freud, from Coco Chanel to Piet Mondrian and from Le Corbusier to Maria Callas. Based on the concept that the bathroom is the place of well-being, a room to be furnished and customised according to the user’s own personal needs and tastes and the part of the home closest to the product sectors of Cersaie, Famous Bathrooms will present a series of bathrooms inspired by personalities who have excelled in their various fields – art, culture, science, music or the cinema – from classical times through to the present day. The result will be an ironic, fun and irreverent event that is sure to spark the curiosity of visitors, while the wide range of product offerings will offer plenty of ideas for inspiration. The focus of the exhibition will be the companies and their high-quality, timeless design products.

The exhibition will be introduced by art critic Philippe Daverio. Famous Bathrooms will be staged in a visually appealing space where each setting becomes an intimate and independent location that pays tribute to the excellence and innovative qualities of Italian Style. In the central area there will be a space hosting the programme of talks and a lounge area devoted to meetings, debates, award presentations and wine tasting. The partnership with the Bologna Design Week will continue this year, with a portal publicising the exhibition installed in the city-centre location of the Quadrivio (crossroads) in Galleria Cavour.

Following the success of the five previous events (CerSea in 2014, CerStile in 2015, CerSail Italian Style Concept in 2016, Milleluci in 2017 and The Sound of Design Italian Style Contract in 2018), which attracted a total of 44,700 visitors and 283 participating companies, the Cersaie 2019 theme exhibition will bring a group of selected companies into contact with an international audience of buyers and industry professionals in search of fresh creative inspiration.

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