Construction sites and projects in 2019-2021: the focus of NiiProgetti | by Giulia Guerra

On 25 September, the Press Café held at Cersaie 2019 hosted a talk organised by NiiProgetti entitled “Focus on the Tertiary Sector: sites and projects for the three-year period 2019-2021” to discuss the development of the real estate sector and the way it is being affected by the current economic situation.

The initiative featured talks by Luca Dondi, CEO of Nomisma (an economic research and economic consulting firm working for companies, associations and public administrations), and Andrea Boni, CEO of Editrice Industriale (publisher of NiiProgetti magazine and other journals).

Dondi began his talk by discussing the economic context in which the real estate (and consequently tertiary) sector operates in Italy. He focused in particular on the residential market, the most significant segment in terms of revenue which according to the studies is capable of dictating trends in other sectors.

The picture he painted of the Italian economy is one of stagnation and limited growth prospects. Against this backdrop, the real estate market appears to be slowly recovering, although Mario Draghi’s forecasts point to a continent-wide slowdown for the sector with Italy trailing behind the rest of Europe.

Looking beyond the figures, the conference offered a clear picture of the Italian real estate market and of the broader trends in the tertiary sector, as well as the importance of the residential segment and the way it influences all the other markets.

For the practical session, Andrea Boni used the findings of the NiiProgetti Monitor 2019 to discuss the development of Italian construction sites over the three-year period 2019-2021.

The event was held in the prestigious setting of Cersaie, the international ceramic tile exhibition which each year attracts more than 100,000 international visitors to Bologna to find out more about the Italian ceramic tile industry.



December 2019