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Radisson Collection Hôtel Santa Sofia - Milan (Italie)

Un invité d’excellence au Radisson Santa Sofia

À Milan, sur les Navigli, dans un hôtel cinq étoiles, le grès cérame italien participe à la création d'une parfaite atmosphère des années 1960, signée Studio Atelier P et Alessandro Mario Cesario

Hôpital Galeazzi Sant’Ambrogio - Milano (Italie)

L’hôpital du futur

Inauguré en août 2022, l'IRCCS Ospedale Galeazzi-Sant'Ambrogio, situé dans l'ancienne zone Expo Milano 2015 et conçu par Binini Partners, est désormais l'une des charnières du futur écosystème de recherche, d'innovation et de soins, un projet unique en Italie et parmi les plus avancés d’Europe

Surfaces: FLORIM
Grand Hôtel Cervino - Cervinia

Le Grand Hôtel Cervino s’inspire de la nature

Immergé dans le paysage alpin, le nouveau bâtiment associe parfaitement la tradition locale et les nouvelles technologies de construction. Il poursuit le développement durable en choisissant ses matériaux, à commencer par la céramique

Surfaces: FLORIM
Torre Milano residential complex - Milan - Milano

An eco-sustainable high-rise building

The architecture firm Beretta Associati has designed a new 86-metre skyscraper in Milan that stands out for its sober neo-rationalism and high level of environmental sustainability

Surfaces: FLORIM
Torre Milano residential complex - Milan

Une tour vertueuse

À Milan, le Studio d'architecture Beretta Associati signe un nouveau gratte-ciel de 86 m de haut, caractérisé par un néorationalisme sobre et un niveau élevé de durabilité environnementale

Surfaces: FLORIM
The Climate Pledge Arena - Seattle, WA (USA)

La salle omnisports la plus durable du monde

Zéro émission de carbone, zéro plastique à usage unique et zéro déchet. Le célèbre stade de Seattle, construit en 1962, renaît dans une version innovante et écologique

Surfaces: FLORIM
Villa Le Gradelle - Isola di Capri - Capri

A terrace overlooking the sea

The highlight of Villa Le Gradelle in Marina Piccola on the island of Capri is its large panoramic terrace offering extraordinary views of the rooftops, the Faraglioni sea stacks and the boundless sea

Surfaces: FLORIM
Ton Joy restaurant - Andria (BA)

Fragrances, taste, colours and design

The Mediterranean tradition and the Japanese culture of sushi come together in a fascinating new dining venue

Surfaces: FLORIM
LongLife Health Spa - Castrocaro Terme (FC)

Art Deco for wellness

The Grand Hotel Castrocaro presents the new LongLife Health Spa, a project by èdoc architects that renovates a historic building with restraint while maintaining its stylistic features

Surfaces: FLORIM
Private villa - Forte dei Marmi (LU)

In the pine forest of Forte dei Marmi

A 1960s villa in the most famous resort on Italy's Versilia coast harks back to the legendary summers at "Il Forte" while embracing a contemporary look and modern interiors that are more in tune with a third-millennium lifestyle

Surfaces: FLORIM
Inox Tecnica Headquarters - Soliera (MO)

When industry meets modernity

The project for the new Inox Tecnica premises in the province of Modena combines a visually striking concept with hi-tech materials

Surfaces: FLORIM
Headquarters of GBG, Global Biomarketing Group - Chișinău (Moldavia)

Interior design as visual identity

The character of the Moldovan company GBG is reflected in the essential lines and understated elegance of its new headquarters

Surfaces: FLORIM
Fortemasso winery - Monforte d'Alba (CN)

Wine-making excellence

Located in the heart of the Langhe region, the Fortemasso winery's eco-sustainable underground cellar resonates with the colours, materials and shapes of the surrounding landscape

Surfaces: FLORIM
CoAst Hotel - Milano Marittima (RA)

In praise of good taste

A short walk from the sea and the pine forest, the CoAst Hotel in Milano Marittima is an exclusive location that brings together past and future, uniformity and difference

Surfaces: FLORIM
Academia Single-family residence - Encino, CA (USA)

Inspired by the suburbs of ancient Athens

A villa named 'Academia' located in the hills of Encino, Los Angeles county is one of the latest projects by the design firm DI Group, which is working on some of the most stunning properties in the hills around the city

A.Mano Shop - Brooklyn, NY (USA)

A.Mano, a new shop for ceramic enthusiasts

In New York's eclectic Brooklyn neighbourhood, architect Sergio Mannino has designed the interior of a ceramics studio and shop where people can purchase artistic objects and learn to create using their own hands

Surfaces: FLORIM
Hotel Monastero Arx Vivendi - Arco (TN)

The art of good living

In their project to convert a former convent into a hotel, noa* network of architecture drew inspiration from the local area, maintaining a sense of history while looking to the future and enhancing the calm, natural atmosphere of the location

Residential building in Washington Avenue - Brooklyn, New York (USA)

Museum House

The condo building at 805 Washington Avenue in New York was given a distinctive and elegant identity by Aldo Andreoli and Claudio Delmonte with a look that references the nearby museum

Surfaces: FLORIM
Datalogic Headquarters - Langen (Germany)

Sustainable construction: the virtuous example of Datalogic

An Italian-made porcelain rainscreen façade graces the company's new German headquarters, a perfect combination of aesthetics, versatility and energy efficiency

Surfaces: FLORIM
Villa Allegra - Costa Rica (Costa Rica)

Tropical neomodernism

Immersed in a fairy-tale landscape close to the Pacific Ocean on Costa Rica's western coast, Villa Allegra testifies to the architect's skill at reconciling contemporary architecture with a powerful sense of place

Surfaces: FLORIM
Pasticceria Comi - Missaglia (LC)

Sweetly retro

With its vintage atmospheres and warm, powder tones, a restyled pastry shop in the heart of the Brianza area combines a classic, timeless design with a sense of emotion and hospitality

Surfaces: FLORIM
Outdoor thermal pool at Balnea Wellness Centre - Sassuolo (MO)

Like walking barefoot on blocks of salt

The new thermal swimming pool in the Balnea Wellness Centre in the province of Modena is clad with a material inspired by mined blocks of salt, ensuring a remarkably tactile, sensorial and visual experience

Surfaces: FLORIM
Private home - Huzhou (China)

A home in Huzhou conveys a sense of poetry and lightness

A green baby dinosaur stands guard at the entrance to an upscale apartment in the Chinese city's new residential area

Surfaces: FLORIM
Asahi Japanese restaurant - Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI)

Dining amongst precious stones

A two-level restaurant achieves a harmonious tonal balance through the contrast between pale and dark coloured glossy porcelain stoneware tiles reminiscent of rare marble and precious minerals

Surfaces: FLORIM
La Baracchina Restaurant and Bar - Modena

The many facets of transparency

As part of a project that stands out for its essential design and use of materials, an entirely glass-walled venue has been refurbished to create a restaurant-bar with bright, light-filled spaces during the day and a more intimate atmosphere in the evening

Surfaces: FLORIM
Executive Spa Hotel - Fiorano Modenese (MO)

Intimacy and warmth in the heart of Motor Valley

mospheres, smart technologies, a plastic-free philosophy, colour and design: these are the key elements of a high-end remodelling project in the province of Modena

Surfaces: FLORIM
Hotel Eala - Limone sul Garda (BS)

Nature inside and out

Guests at Hotel Eala in the town of Limone on Lake Garda have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the landscape in keeping with the concept of the "luxury of nature", as architect Marco Savorgnani from Gesia Studio explains

Surfaces: FLORIM
Stacy Drive Luxury home - Westhampton Beach, NY (USA)

An eco-friendly home in the Hamptons

A family home designed by architects Jaclyn and Josh Manes in the wetlands of Westhampton Beach, New York State stands out for its low environmental footprint and makes full use of natural light and the warmth of the sun

Surfaces: FLORIM
525 West Van Buren Office Building - Chicago, IL (USA)

Chicago, new atmospheres combining history and architecture

The elegant Illinois city, where history's greatest architects have left their mark, has seen countless high-end housing and workplace renovation projects

Surfaces: FLORIM
Miami Penthouse - Miami Beach, FL (USA) - Miami Beach, FL (USA)

A jewel-box penthouse in Miami

A Miami penthouse created by interior design firm Mojo Stumer Associates has large shared and communal spaces divided up by partition walls clad with large-format ceramic tiles. A jewel-box apartment, it is perfect for showcasing the client's artworks and design objects.

Surfaces: FLORIM
Casa Jiloca - Madrid (Spain)

A radical conversion project

A 1970s residence located to the north of Madrid has been radically transformed to create a modern home with a neutral, timeless design

Surfaces: FLORIM
Residential Complex Cedrus Residence - Minusio (Switzerland)

Relaxing by the lake

A luxury holiday complex with elegant and rigorous architecture and a large wellness and spa centre was opened a few months ago in Brioni, a hillside village located in the municipality of Minusio, just outside Locarno in the Ticino canton

Surfaces: FLORIM
Snaidero Showroom - New York (USA)

Italian settings

The new Snaidero showroom in New York, designed by Studio Mazzer Architects, tells the story of Italian architecture through its craftsmanship and style choices, including the terrazzo-effect surface coverings inspired by Venetian villas

Surfaces: FLORIM
Savoy Palace Hotel - Funchal (Portogallo)

New green luxury in Funchal

Portuguese architects RH+ Arquitectos and interior designer Nini Andrade Silva have designed a hotel in Madeira that is inspired by the island's culture, traditions and history

Surfaces: FLORIM
Ottica Dragoni - Terni

Elegance from every angle

Ottica Dragoni combines the technical requirements of an eye clinic with the aesthetic qualities of an upscale boutique thanks to an interior design project that juxtaposes marble-effect ceramic tiles with traditional walnut panelling

Surfaces: FLORIM
Toddlers Primary School - Formigine (MO)

Educational architecture and design

An outstanding example of school architecture in the province of Modena enriches children's learning experience

Surfaces: FLORIM
Mare Hotel - Savona

Architecture and recipes

Designed by an architect and chef, the Mare Hotel in Savona harmoniously intertwines design, cuisine, technology and sustainability

Surfaces: FLORIM
Wheaton Way private home - Southampton, NY (USA)

New Hamptons Style

A luxury home located near Southampton on Long Island, the popular holiday destination of the New York elite, has a rigorous composition consisting of transparent white parallelepipeds where ceramic surfaces have both a practical and an aesthetic function

Surfaces: FLORIM
Waterline Square - New York (USA)

A residential club

The Waterline Club is a large amenity centre and the vibrant hub of Waterline Square, a new luxury residence in Upper West Side of Manhattan. Designed by the Rockwell Group, the Club connects the three high-rise towers to a single lobby with spaces for music, art, work, sports and swimming pools.

Surfaces: FLORIM
Ramonda Hotel - Rtanj (Serbia)

Architecture is a flower

The project for the Ramonda Hotel in Serbia chooses not to imitate nature but to harness its energy. Its logo is a flower that always comes back to life

Surfaces: FLORIM
Hotel Central - Plzeň (Czech Republic)

Echoes of the past: the teachings of Adolf Loos live on

The spirit of the early 20th-century architect comes back to life in the restoration of a magnificent Bohemian hotel

Surfaces: FLORIM
"Interno_NM.18" private home - Naples

Spatial choreography

In one of Naples' most exclusive neighbourhoods, the project by Nicola Liguori - winner of the 2020 INARC award in the young architects category for social housing - adopts interesting architectural solutions to ensure that the extraordinary surroundings become an integral part of the apartment owned by a young professional

Surfaces: FLORIM
Healthy Restaurant - Bergamo

From fork to interior design: green as a cross-cutting concept

The desire to create a new space devoted to healthy and well-balanced dining is fulfilled in an architecture and interior design project inspired by nature

Surfaces: FLORIM
Villa Sassi - Turin

An exclusive retreat in the hills outside Turin

A multi-stage project has transformed a historic 17th-century residence used for hundreds of years as a leisure and holiday retreat for the Savoy nobility into a contemporary event venue

Surfaces: FLORIM
The Pantheon Iconic Hotel - Roma

Suspended between past and present

The project to transform an old building in Rome's city centre into the Pantheon Iconic Hotel restores and emphasises original structural elements while introducing a skilful play of architectural references to the Pantheon

Surfaces: FLORIM
GranRoma Shopping Centre - Rome

A shopping promenade

Light-filled atmospheres coupled with high aesthetic and functional quality materials make for an enjoyable retail experience in a shopping centre in the east of Rome

Surfaces: FLORIM
Fanuc Headquarters - Lainate (MI)

The new Milanese home of automation excellence

The Milan headquarters of the Japanese automation giant reflects the company's corporate identity, particularly through the choice of high-performance, reliable and versatile materials

Surfaces: FLORIM
Oasis Lanz Beach Mate hotel complex - Lanzarote (Spain)

When architecture « talks » to the surrounding area

A hotel complex in the heart of the Canary Islands creates a magical dialogue between the built environment and nature

Surfaces: FLORIM
M+B Residence Club de Golf la Herradura - Monterrey (Mexico)

Jagged beauty

Set in a picturesque valley in Monterrey, Mexico, the M+B Residence Club de Golf la Herradura is a luxurious residence with a unique material and stylistic connection with the surrounding landscape

Hotel Bennett - Charleston, SC (USA)

Southern heritage

The old Charleston County Library in South Carolina has been converted into one of the most prestigious luxury hotels in the US state, Hotel Bennett

Van Huele offices - Ostend (Belgium)

110 years in the construction industry

Van Huele, a construction company founded in Ostend, Belgium in 1909, works on a wide range of construction and renovation projects ranging from roads, dams and bridges through to residential buildings, churches and offices

Surfaces: FLORIM
Frascati Shopping Center - Dublin (Ireland)

The second life of the Frascati Shopping Centre

The shopping centre renovation project is part of an extensive redevelopment plan drawn up by the Dublin City Council for the Blackrock suburb overlooking Dublin Bay

Surfaces: FLORIM
Boutique Home Taiwan - Taiwan (China)

Life in the social media age

In Taiwan, a young KOL ("key opinion leader") couple from the social media generation were in search of a home they could use to share every moment of their lives with their thousands of Instagram followers

Surfaces: FLORIM
Le Dortoir Hotel - Nice (Francia)

City-centre suites in Nice

Le Dortoir, a luxury B&B consisting of nine suites each with a distinctive, customised interior design, is a new high-end property on the Côte d'Azur

Surfaces: FLORIM
Kaori Japanese Restaurant - Varedo (MB)

An evocation of the East

In the Kaori Japanese Restaurant, opened in Varedo in late 2018, each element is designed to interact with the light and create a play of visual references and allusions

Surfaces: FLORIM
New CRS Sinergie branch - Varese

A workspace flooded with natural light

Formal simplicity, contemporary design and dramatic touches are the hallmarks of the new CRS Sinergie offices in Varese

Surfaces: FLORIM
Step-Up House - Dnipro (Ucraina)

Combining two houses into one

This interior design project reflects the lifestyle choice of a young couple in search of a large home for a large family. Located in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro, the apartment adopts highly functional spatial solutions and materials

Surfaces: FLORIM
Himera Beach Club Resort - Campofelice di Roccella (PA)

Palm trees on the horizon

A resort on the north coast of Sicily where handcrafted details and elegant design come together to create a luxurious summer retreat

Surfaces: FLORIM
Lake House private villa - Capitólio (Brazil)

A dream home

A villa with large indoor and outdoor living spaces in Capitólio, Brazil features a swimming pool and fully-equipped spaces for relaxation and comfort

Surfaces: FLORIM
Pasticceria Antoniazzi - Bagnolo S. Vito (MN)

Sweet sensations and pure volumes

The Antoniazzi family's fine pastry art is complemented by the sophisticated design, vintage atmospheres and terrazzo-inspired surfaces of its premises

Surfaces: FLORIM
Vivian Apartments - Chicago (USA)

A vintage soul

The interiors of Vivian Apartments in Chicago reflect the eclectic and somewhat quirky spirit of the American artist who captured some of the most beautiful images of the city and its inhabitants

Surfaces: FLORIM
Sushi Club - Corbetta (Milano)

The club concept that is revolutionising the restaurant business

The Sushi Clubs commissioned by chef Andrea Li are proliferating throughout the Milanese hinterland. The architectural quality of the spaces where diners can enjoy Japanese food is a major factor behind their success

Surfaces: FLORIM
AJI Oriental takeaway - Milan - Milano

Delicacies to be savoured at home

AJI (meaning "taste" in Japanese) is the perfect name for a new takeaway restaurant serving high-quality Japanese-Asian food

Surfaces: FLORIM
132-136 West Houston Street private residence - New York (USA) - New York (USA)

A discreet approach to new building

A new building in the historic heart of New York makes extensive use of Italian ceramic tile as an iconic manifesto for the material's applications

Surfaces: FLORIM
Venetian Isle Clubhouse - Windermere, FL (USA)

La dolce vita

Mediterranean style for a residential complex in the heart of Florida

Residential complex - Novate Milanese

A virtuous suburb

Novate Milanese is a municipality within the metropolitan area of Milan. It is also home to a residential complex designed using discreet but effective solutions to blend in with a diversified urban landscape

Surfaces: FLORIM
Moleskine Store - Los Angeles, CA (USA)

A lifestyle brand

The new store located at 350 S Grand Ave in Bunker Hill District of downtown Los Angeles reflects the steady growth of the Moleskine brand

Surfaces: FLORIM
Brunello Cucinelli Boutique - New York (USA)

An Italian terrace with a view of Manhattan

The Italian elegance of the Brunello Cucinelli luxury clothing collections is reflected in the porcelain finishings and floor coverings chosen for the terrace of the renowned fashion brand's recently-opened New York store

Surfaces: FLORIM
La Filature office complex - Rouen (Francia)

A truly illuminated construction

Eye-catching and sustainable, the new offices of the Matmut insurance group are a fascinating addition to the architectural panorama of Rouen

Surfaces: FLORIM
Aqua Lublin sports complex - Lublin (Poland)

An award-winning sports centre

With its arched roof, large glazed façade and astonishing underwater windows, Poland's new Aqua Lublin sports complex is a marvel of architecture

Surfaces: FLORIM
Villa Hamptons - New York (USA)

A luxury villa in the Hamptons

A project combining architecture, landscape and interior design in a luxury residence

Surfaces: FLORIM
Tubettificio Pedercini - Coccaglio (BS)

A new image for aluminium pipe maker Tubettificio Pedercini

The project by Roberto Taglietti has expanded and renovated an outdated production complex, giving it greater unity, new spaces and a fresh image

Surfaces: FLORIM
Decameron Clubhouse - Odessa (Ukraine)

An oasis of relaxation in Odessa

Designed in an Italian style by architect Nunzio Da Vià, Decameron Clubhouse Odessa is a perfect hospitality venue

Surfaces: FLORIM
Boulangerie Leslie - Nieuwerkerken (Belgio)

A Nordic style bakery

A small, elegant boulangerie in a provincial Belgian town combines a range of surface coverings and large size tiles to create a cleanly styled space with a warm, welcoming ambience

Surfaces: FLORIM
VIB Offices - A Neuburg an der Donau (Germany)

A building close to nature on the banks of the river Danube

The new VIB AG headquarters in Neuburg an der Donau stands out for its interaction between interior and exterior, dynamism, luminosity and integration with nature

Surfaces: FLORIM
Therme Laa - Laa an der Thaya (Austria)

Silent Spa, a location devoted to the cult of water

A spa in southern Austria allows guests to restore body and mind in the silence of a cloister-like sauna.

Surfaces: FLORIM
Don Nippon restaurant - Lissone (MB)

Essential elegance

The Don Nippon Taste restaurant in the Italian town of Lissone adopts an oriental style in an original interpretation of formal purity

Surfaces: FLORIM
Le Dune Suite Hotel - Porto Cesareo (LE)

Like a seagull’s wings

Minimalist elegance, warm sobriety and efficiency are the qualities underpinning a Mediterranean style hotel renovation project

Surfaces: FLORIM
Wormland store - Nuremberg (Germany)

Fashion and trends in Nuremberg

Wormland is a go-to store for metropolitan style menswear.

Surfaces: FLORIM
Hotel Golfo del Sole - Follonica (GR)

Hospitality spanning tradition and modernity

A restyling project for a 1960s hotel and residences standing on the sandy coast of the Gulf of Follonica in Tuscany's Maremma region focuses on design and functionality

Surfaces: FLORIM
Hotel Sofitel Cerretani - Florence

Florentine hospitality

Age-old splendour and contemporary luxury come together in Florence's old city centre

Surfaces: FLORIM
Villa AA - Bagnolo Cremasco

A two-floor villa

A terraced villa located in the village of Bagnolo Cremasco in the province of Cremona has been designed with the utmost attention to details and finishings

Surfaces: FLORIM
Całoroczne sports centre - Olsztyn (Poland)

Bringing a lake to life

The Całoroczne Centre aims to forge a new identity for Olsztyn

Surfaces: FLORIM
Private house - Brescia

Understated sophistication

A fine balance of forms and colours brings an air of contemporary elegance to a private house in the Italian province of Brescia

Surfaces: FLORIM
Fael Luce Headquarters - Agrate Brianza (MB)

Light has found a new home

Simplicity of form and contemporary design are the key features of Fael Luce's new headquarters in Agrate Brianza

Surfaces: FLORIM
San Giovanni Bosco parish centre - Treviolo (Bergamo)

Inclusive education

The new San Giovanni Bosco parish centre in Treviolo is built on principles of openness, inclusion and participation

Surfaces: FLORIM
Hilton Hotel - Milan

Quintessentially Milanese

Elegant, stylish, sometimes modern, sometimes classical, often surprising: these epithets apply equally to the city of Milan and to the new lobby of the well-established Milan Hilton. You can take an architect's word for it!

Surfaces: FLORIM
Giornale di Brescia daily newspaper offices - Brescia

A balanced approach to the rearrangement of space

Editoriale Bresciana has remodelled its headquarters to shape the space and quality of its work areas around the new requirements of a radically reformed organisational structure

Surfaces: FLORIM
Portopiccolo tourist and residential complex - Sistiana (TS)

The village without a past

A disused quarry has been converted into a highly eco-sustainable tourist and residential complex

Surfaces: FLORIM
Puma Store - Herzogenaurach (Germania)

A question of sport

The Puma Store between physical movement and digital technology

Surfaces: FLORIM
Private House - Franciacorta (BS)

The charm of Franciacorta

Blending into the landscape of this area of Lombardy famous for its production of still and sparkling wines, a neo-rationalist villa orchestrates a rhapsody of rarefied spaces and designer furnishings brought together harmoniously by the ceramic tiling

Surfaces: FLORIM
Private residence - Vizzolo Predabissi (MI)

Modernity with a retro taste

A radical renovation project carried out on an old country house in Vizzolo Pedrabissi, a town in the plains near Milan, has created a minimalist apartment where the concrete-look ceramic tiles help to create a warm atmosphere in spite of the sparse furnishings

Surfaces: FLORIM
La Gare Hotel - Isola di Murano, Venezia

A pearl in the Venetian lagoon

Set on the glass-blowing island of Murano in the Venetian lagoon, a brand new hotel offers splendid rooms with atmospheres inspired by the past

Surfaces: FLORIM
SNEF Sports Centre - Erba (CO)

A cradle of well-being

Compatibility is the keynote of the SNEF sports centre. The architecture blends in perfectly with the beautiful setting of the Lambro Valley and is designed specifically for the sports and wellness activities practiced by guests while adopting techniques and materials that ensure virtuous energy management

Surfaces: FLORIM
Coworking space - Bruges (Belgium)

A new coworking space

A minimalist, modern interior design exploits cool tones and transparencies to create elegant, distinctive and versatile spaces

Surfaces: FLORIM
"Da Emilia" Bistrot - Torino

A corner of Emilia in Turin

At the northern edge of Turin's baroque historic centre, a small bistro opened by three young partners combines antique objects and furnishings in a cosy vintage ambience

Surfaces: FLORIM
Grand Hotel du Midi - Montpellier (Francia)

Super et génial

A unique and poetic renovation project has given a new lease of life to a historic hotel in the centre of Montpellier

Surfaces: FLORIM
Starbucks Central Embassy - Bangkok (Thailand)

Thai Landmark

Located within the former gardens of the British Embassy on Bangkok's main shopping street, Ploenchit Road, Central Embassy is an ultra-luxury shopping mall with a futuristic aluminium façade inspired by ancient Thai temples

Surfaces: FLORIM
Haus Boscha - Lipsia (Germany)

The White House

A residential building in Leipzig experiments with solids and voids and the use of pure materials: glass, concrete and wood

Surfaces: FLORIM
TownHouse Duomo by Sevenstars - Milano

Sleeping in the midst of history

Opened in March 2015, TownHouse Duomo 21 offers guests the first ever opportunity to stay in a room overlooking Milan Cathedral

Surfaces: FLORIM
Nuovo Polo Produttivo MTA - Rolo (RE)

A new industrial landscape

MTA's new research and production unit in Rolo (province of Reggio Emilia) marks a fresh start in the heart of the area affected by the Emilia earthquake

Surfaces: FLORIM
Private residence - Mahé (Seychelles)

Living in the Seychelles: a blend of tradition and modernity

A renovation project for a private residence on the island of Mahé

Surfaces: FLORIM
Y-40 the Deep Joy - Montegrotto Terme (PD)

A scuba diver’s paradise

This unique 40 metre deep pool is maintained at a constant temperature of 33°C

Surfaces: FLORIM
Stayen Stadium - Sint-Truiden (Belgium)

A new home for a football team

Home to the club STVV, the recently refurbished Stayen stadium in Belgium is also a multifunctional structure

Surfaces: FLORIM
Malpensa Airport Restrooms - Milan

The high standards of Italian design

The functional and elegant new restroom in Terminal 1 of Milan Malpensa airport comes up to the exacting standards of the shopping gallery restyling project

Surfaces: FLORIM
Isolino Residence - Verbania

A lakefront living room

A few simple, local materials are used to enhance the architectural value of an essential building envelope

Surfaces: FLORIM
Private residence - Lecco

Ceramic tiles take centre stage

From the large grey industrial-style panels that lend warmth to the elegant minimalism of the interior to the formwork effect of the garden pavement, ceramic tile plays a pivotal role in the interior design of this new apartment

Surfaces: FLORIM
Accà Ristopizzaperitivo - Florence

Pizza, ceramics and… imagination

Simplicity, comfort, a fresh young look and a vaguely industrial chic atmosphere are the key ingredients of Accà, a fashionable new eatery in Florence

Surfaces: FLORIM
Pietre Gemelle Resort wellness & spa - Riva Valdobbia (Vc)

An enchanting getaway

In one of the most spectacular locations anywhere in the Alps, the Pietre Gemelle resort boasts a wellness centre that combines care for the body with a feast for the eyes

Surfaces: FLORIM
Business-residential Building - Chiasso (Switzerland)

Dynamic facade

Compositional rigour and high technical specifications characterise the curtain wall of this residential building in Chiasso

Surfaces: FLORIM
Hotel d'Angleterre - Copenhagen (Denmark)

A ceramic spa in the centre of Copenhagen

Minimalist yet alluring, the new facility contrasts with the historic setting of the 250-year-old Hotel d'Angleterre

Surfaces: FLORIM
Bar del Duomo - Altamura (Ba)

A historic bar revisited

In the old town centre of Altamura, customers are greeted by a carpet of coloured tiles

Surfaces: FLORIM
Relaxxi Rest Home - Noale (Venice)

Putting people first

A rest home organised into individual housing units to cater for different levels of user needs

Surfaces: FLORIM
Don Luigi Palazzolo primary school - Bergamo

A new concept for a school building

Functionality and design, light and greenery create a lively, welcoming environment for children at a new primary school in the province of Bergamo

Surfaces: FLORIM
Lasa Metalli Headquarters - Modena

A company showcase

The new Lasa Metalli headquarters combines a powerful exterior image with a high degree of interior comfort

Surfaces: FLORIM
New Administrative Centre (NAC) - Houthalen-Helchteren (Belgium)

A new administrative centre

In the town of Houthalen-Helchteren in Belgium, the social and administrative services, public library and municipal police station are housed under the same roof - or, to be more precise, under the same roof garden.

Surfaces: FLORIM
Piazza Falcone e Borsellino - Spezzano (MO)

Spezzano gets a town centre

The complex made up of the Corte Corsini business centre, the Casa Corsini civic centre and the new Piazza Falcone e Borsellino square give Spezzano the town centre it has always lacked.

Surfaces: FLORIM
Dolci Luxury Taste Bar - Milan

A feast for the eyes and the palate

The Dolci Luxury Taste pastry shop stands out for its curved lines, bright colours, screen-printed mirrors... and of course delicious home-made pastries

Surfaces: FLORIM
Private residence - Ragusa

Inside and outside

An old house renovated for a new house to live both inside and outside under the sky of Sicily

Surfaces: FLORIM
Carnival Palace - Venice

Traditional meets modern

A sophisticated renovation for a four-star hotel in Venice combines the beauty of the past with contemporary functionality

Surfaces: FLORIM
"Martino Martini" Institute - Mezzolombardo (TN)

A school tailored to students

The new "Martino Martini" institute in the northern
Italian town of Mezzolombardo opened in September 2011 in the name of functionality and eco-sustainability

Surfaces: FLORIM
Centre Sport & Santé - Losanna (Switzerland)

Centre Sport & Santé in Dorigny

Designed to promote health and well-being, this architectural complex achieves compositional simplicity while maintaining a continuous dialogue with the surrounding landscape

Surfaces: FLORIM
Relais Sant'Uffizio Wellness & SPA - Cioccaro di Penango (AT)

The philosophy of wellness

A former monastery in the Langhe region of northern Italy houses a modern spa promoting mental and physical relaxation

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Zebra Restaurant - Prague (Czech Republic)

Asian fusion, lanterns and bamboo

A new restaurant in Prague's old city centre offers a splendid reinterpretation of an oriental style that combines warmth and nature

Surfaces: FLORIM
Software Headquarter Facility - Medina, Minnesota (USA)

Software Headquarter Facility

Located in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, the Software Headquarters facility blend discreetly into the natural environment of the suburban site

Surfaces: FLORIM
Cabel Industry Headquarters - Empoli (FI)

Nostalgia for the future

The slogan coined by the curator of the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale sums up the characteristics and contents of a successful corporate architecture project in Tuscany.

Surfaces: FLORIM
Hotel Le Terrazze - Treviso

A new
lease of life for
Le Terrazze

An abandoned concrete structure has been converted into a modern multifunctional centre

Surfaces: FLORIM
Number One Traveller Lounge Gatwick Airport - London (UK)

High-class waiting areas

The No. 1 Traveller Lounge at Gatwick Airport offers customers a unique pre-flight experience, combining airy, well-designed spaces with the use of striking and elegant materials.

Surfaces: FLORIM
Makita Corporation Headquarters - Ratingen (Germany)

Japanese atmospheres in the heart of Germany

Sobriety, elegance and tranquillity: the new Makita site in Ratingen offers a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity.

Surfaces: FLORIM
Namus Boutique Restaurant - Seoul (South Korea)

Luminous style in the capital city of design

One of Seoul's most fashionable restaurants combines outstanding cuisine with a unique lighting design

Surfaces: FLORIM
Einstein Kaffee - Dresden (Germany)

Einstein Kaffee, the right place any time of day

Set in the historic centre of the splendid city of Dresden, a new coffeehouse offers a masterclass in style and taste

Surfaces: FLORIM
Palazzo Strozzi - Florence

A non-invasive renovation project

The Strozzina, the underground gallery in Palazzo Strozzi devoted to contemporary art exhibitions, has been repaved with large-format tiles installed over the existing floor

Surfaces: FLORIM
BLA Library, Play Centre, Municipal Archives - Fiorano Modenese (Mo)

BLA: a new cultural centre opened in Fiorano Modenese

A modern building clad with a large porcelain tile façade has been constructed in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna ceramic district to house a town library, play centre and municipal archives

Surfaces: FLORIM
Private Residence - Kona, Hawaii (USA)

A modular home

In Hawaii, looking out over the boundless expanse of the ocean, there's a stunning holiday villa with a citadel structure, winner of the Ceramics of Italy Design Award 2011

Surfaces: FLORIM
Morgado Lusitano apartment complex - Póvoa de Santa Iria (Portugal)

Living in style

A large apartment complex in Lisbon offers an excellent example of elegance and sustainability.

Surfaces: FLORIM
Centro Fitness Gymnica - Ovada (AL)

Besides sport, a haven for relaxation

A club in Ovada, Piedmont offers an outstanding proposal for all-round wellness

Surfaces: FLORIM
Eggenberg swimming complex and spa - Graz (Austria)

An oyster among the treasures of Graz

The new Eggenberg swimming complex and spa in Graz was created to expand the already wide range of services and activities for corporeal and mental well-being offered to residents and visitors by the Austrian city, capital of the green Styria region

Surfaces: FLORIM
Restaurant "Al 3 di Via Novelli" - Bergamo

« Al 3 di Via Novelli »

Refurbishment of a late nineteenth century property to create a canteen-style restaurant in the basement

Surfaces: FLORIM
Fitness Village Virgin Active Classic - Milan - Milano

Virgin Active Classic in Milan

An exclusive and elegant fitness village designed for wellness and new functions

Surfaces: FLORIM
Hotel Villa del Mare - Cervia (RA)

A hotel in the « city of salt »

A remodelling project that combines elegance and attention to detail

Surfaces: FLORIM
Centro Fitness Extraspa - Fano (PU)

Wellness project

The Extraspa Fitness Centre in Fano explores the concept of wellness using a palette of materials and colours with strong tonal harmony

Surfaces: FLORIM
Opera 02 Resort - Levizzano Rangone (MO)

The timeless pleasure of nature

In the hills near Modena, simplicity, restoration and the preservation of traditions are successfully combined in an ecotourism resort with an authentic flavour.

Surfaces: FLORIM
StarHotel Rosa - Milan - Milano

Lively elegance

A cross between a Roman domus and a Milanese neoclassical aristocratic home, StarHotel Rosa combines visually striking design with welcoming yet stimulating interiors

Surfaces: FLORIM
Aquum Wellness Center - Tarragona (Spain)

Aquum Wellness Centre in Tarragona

Eco-friendly materials create an oasis of peace inspired by the sea as part of a process of physical and mental regeneration

Surfaces: FLORIM
Centro Benessere Mességué / Grand Hotel Savoia - Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)

Princely, enchanted…. in short, a place for multisensorial relaxation

Located in the heart of the realm of King Laurin, the Mességué Wellness Centre offers the true luxury of authentic high-quality natural products, even in the interior design

Surfaces: FLORIM
Balnea SPA - Sassuolo (MO)

In search of the genius loci


Surfaces: FLORIM
Building Complex in Via Forze Armate - Milan

Views over the rising city


Surfaces: FLORIM
Fitness Club GetFIT - Milan

Emotions of body and psyche

From an auto workshop to an emotional wellness space

Surfaces: FLORIM
Centro Polifunzionale Zamet - Rijeka (Fiume) (Croatia)

Strips and functional flows

The new Zamet multifunctional centre in Rijeka

Surfaces: FLORIM
VQ Radisson Sas Residence - Dubai (UAE)

Apartments in Dubai

The appeal and quality of Italian ceramic tiles are the unifying element of the interiors and exteriors of Pier 24

Surfaces: FLORIM