Arbe49, a prestigious building located in northern Milan within a rapidly evolving urban setting dominated by mixed-use buildings, has been completely remodelled and consists of six above-ground storeys and one underground level covering a total area of approximately 7,500 square metres. Designed by the practice Galliano & Tagliapietra, every detail of the project was meticulously planned to achieve a perfect balance between functionality and design, starting with the striking porcelain stoneware façade with a Ceppo di Gré finish whose innovative design gives the elevations an elegant and contemporary character. Based on the design principles of aesthetic quality, efficiency and sustainability, the Arbe49 building stands out for its high-performance spaces within a regular C-shaped floor plan organised around the inner courtyard. The first three floors cover an area of approximately 1,300 square metres, while the fourth level is slightly smaller at 1,185 square metres and the fifth and top floor covers 800 square metres culminating in a spectacular 350 square metre terrace, all connected by a shaft housing three lifts as well as a service staircase. The regular and extremely flexible floor plan allows for a high degree of freedom in terms of spatial distribution, ideal for creating large open-plan spaces or closed rooms with a range of functions. A series of dedicated plant and construction solutions were adopted to meet the aims of living comfort, energy performance and low environmental footprint. Alongside technological solutions such as photovoltaics, a high-performance ventilation and air conditioning system with heat recovery and a rainwater harvesting and reuse system, the building’s envelope also plays a key role. Galliano & Tagliapietra contacted Ragno Ceramiche’s Project Department, which designed an approximately 1,400-square-metre ventilated façade system in which customised stone-effect porcelain tiles with darker material inclusions substituted the perimeter envelope, improving the energy efficiency and acoustic insulation of the entire building. The functionality of this solution is enhanced by its exceptional ease of installation guaranteed by the use of the C.A.T. 1 Slim concealed mechanical coupling system designed for large-size thin tiles. The tiles have a double 45° groove cut into their reverse side to allow them to be anchored mechanically to the metal profile supporting structure. The decision to use sustainable materials and technologies to reduce the building’s environmental footprint while ensuring a high level of living comfort enabled Arbe49 to gain LEED Core&Shell certification.