Eggenberg swimming complex and spa - Graz (Austria)

An oyster among the treasures of Graz

The new Eggenberg swimming complex and spa in Graz was created to expand the already wide range of services and activities for corporeal and mental well-being offered to residents and visitors by the Austrian city, capital of the green Styria region
Giuliano Chiarabini
Surfaces céramiques
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Designated European Capital of Culture in 2003, the city of Graz is becoming an increasingly popular destination not just for tourists but also for professionals, academics and students, who choose it each year for its perfect blend of cultural attractions, cutting-edge academic activities and the typical services of a major urban centre. Although Graz is Austria’s second largest city, it offers an excellent quality of life and boasts extensive green areas.
The splendid old city centre with its historical monuments, Renaissance palaces and Baroque churches is visible from the Schlossberg, the imposing five hundred metre tall hill that overlooks the city. This hill is also home to one of the area’s leading tourist attractions, the Schloß Eggenberg, the sixteenth-century castle from which the city of Graz takes its name (from the Slovenian word Gradec, or castle). Residents, tourists, students and young academics can enjoy the city’s qualities of liveability, beauty and hospitality and make the most of the many artistic and cultural opportunities and the ever wider range of services and facilities it offers. One such facility is the futuristic Eggenberg complex, the new health and wellness centre opened in February 2011 that combines a swimming pool and spa under a single iconic glass roof. Designed by the Viennese practice Fasch&Fuchs Architekten, the structure has a unique shape reminiscent of a half-closed oyster that serves to shelter the centre from the outside world while at the same time allowing natural light to filter in. Users can take two routes from the entrance, one going to the spa, which extends over a floor area of about 2,000 square metres on two levels, the other leading to the swimming facility. The 50-metre Olympic swimming pool is divided into 10 lanes and is equipped with diving boards and platforms. The water is maintained at a constant temperature of 28°C. Along with a meticulous study of the technical, functional and distribution aspects to meet the strict structural and safety standards, the project also stands out for its meticulous stylistic approach. Every detail, from the design concept of the original poolside seats to the choice of materials, was chosen to meet users’ needs for psychophysical well-being and a recharge of energy. Stylistically, the most distinctive elements of the swimming pool design are the ceramic tiles from Florim Ceramiche’s Floor Gres brand that were chosen for the interiors and the pool surrounds. With their varied stylistic characteristics, they reflect the designer’s personal taste for prestigious details.

Surfaces céramiques
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