Private villa - Reggiolo (RE) - Reggiolo

Eclectic styles

A rural property in the province of Reggio Emilia has been brought back to life in a painstaking interior design project that reconciles past and present with a skilful blend of solutions and materials
Claudia Capperucci
Davide Galli
Elena Storti
Surfaces céramiques
Année de réalisation

The term « renovation » is almost always used for projects that are not created from scratch but involve rebuilding old, disused structures, and it applies perfectly to this farmhouse in the town of Reggiolo, in the province of Reggio Emilia. However, a more accurate term to describe the project would be « restoration ». Firstly, because the structure of the house was left unaltered in accordance with the environmental constraints, and secondly because the sensibility of interior designer Elena Storti enabled her to recreate the original spirit of the farmhouse while adopting an eclectic contemporary style, both inside and out. This austere farmhouse typical of the province of Reggio Emilia, with on one side the stable and on the other the service areas with their cellars, is brought back to life in a new and unexpected form. The result is a charmingly elegant residence that pays tribute to its ancient origins while using a unique blend of styles to convey the idea of something new. « The interior design project aimed to make the living spaces functional and contemporary while remaining true to their essence and at the same time maintaining a sense of harmony with their rural location, » explains the interior designer. « The project had to cater for the needs of three families while reconciling different tastes, from modern to classic. » The interior was converted into two large apartments and a spa area, while the exterior is dominated by a stunning geometrically-shaped swimming pool that reflects the harmonious façade on sunny days. The work focused above all on the choice of materials and combined terracotta, ceramic, wood, resin, glass and metal while striving to achieve a balance between furniture, structure and surface coverings. The coverings are a key element of the project and play a vital role in giving different personalities to the various spaces: the material essence of concrete in the Gravity line and the metropolitan spirit of Square, both from Cercom Ceramiche; the warmth and musicality of the exquisite New Orleans collection from Cir Manifatture Ceramiche, a carefully chosen aesthetic for the bathroom area; the material appeal of Thaoe from Serenissima, inspired by salvaged wooden planks; and the Riabita il Cotto collection, also from Serenissima. This patchwork of ideas, materials, textures, tones and cultural references creates a composite yet harmonious overall effect. « The furnishings are a balanced mix of modern and bourgeois forms in a rural context, » explains Storti. « They are bespoke solutions in which every form and finish is designed to blend in with the distinctive structural volumes. The materials were also carefully researched and selected according to the same criteria. The choice of leading Italian design companies, such as Baxter and Tooy for the lighting design, further contributed to the finished result. » Reflecting on the double life of this building and looking at it today in its newfound harmony, one is reminded of the image of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

Surfaces céramiques

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