Biafora Resort - San Giovanni in Fiore (CS) (Italie)

A resort in the heart of the Sila national park

The new Biafora Resort’s outdoor areas are paved with porcelain stoneware slabs in sophisticated colours inspired by local natural rock
Veronica Rodenigo
Studio Nua
Arrighi Design
Surfaces céramiques
Année de réalisation

Biafora Resort is a newly built hotel with 14 guest rooms, a wellness centre and a large garden that integrates seamlessly with the surrounding natural environment, a wooded area of the Sila National Park close to the town of San Giovanni in Fiore (Calabria). “The clients specifically requested a location with a story to tell, a concept that could be used to construct the events that would be hosted there,” explains Francesca Arrighi from the Milan-based firm Arrighi Design. For this reason, the centrepiece of the resort is the large green space known as the Garden of Life, “which embodies the entire concept based on positive vibes”, explains the designer. “This positivity can be observed in certain geometries, in the age-old symbol of the Flower of Life and in the presence of water. This symbolism is intended to create a joyful and welcoming environment that will bring good fortune to couples who choose this location for their wedding celebrations.” The strong connection with the surrounding natural environment “is underscored by the tall trees that form a wooded space along the western edge of the garden, as well as the majestic walnut tree encircled by the walkway leading from the stairs to the upper floor terrace. This walkway, which is located at the height of the walnut canopy, offers a profound and tactile experience.”

The flowerbeds and English-style lawns are interspersed with areas paved with stone-effect porcelain tiles from Ceramiche Keope. Pietra di Combe from the Percorsi Extra collection, which accurately recreates natural rocks in sophisticated colours and a variety of sizes, proved to be the ideal choice for paving these outdoor areas due to its excellent technical performance. The tiles, which are available with a textured surface (R11 and R10) or a natural finish (R9), are extremely hard wearing and frost resistant.

“Stone-effect porcelain was chosen for its ease of maintenance and cleaning, as well as its very natural look,” the designer continues.

Another important feature is the gazebo with seats. “Three large octagonal benches made strictly from Silano granite by a local artisan are arranged in a semicircle. The benches, complete with small tables, can seat up to 18 people around the tree in the central planter, which is also octagonal.

“The octagon is a recurring symbolic element found in the central gazebo, the paving designs and the poles supporting the spotlights for night lighting and the canopies that provide shade during the day. “Even the wallpapers were custom designed for the resort and inspired by the philosophy of the flower of life and other symbolism dating back to Abbot Joachim of Fiore, a renowned theologian who lived in the San Giovanni in Fiore area around 1130.”

Surfaces céramiques
Percorsi Extra
Pietra di Combe
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