Ghibli Hotel - Civitanova Marche (MC)

A real « wow » factor

The Ghibli Hotel in Civitanova Marche, a four-star hotel that stands out for its unique blend of high-quality materials and a seafront location, offers characterful new suites combining decoration, design and wellness
Ilenia Carlesimo
Bernardo Ricci + MHP
architecte d'intérieur
Marco Lucchi
Surfaces céramiques
Année de réalisation

« Our mission is to create projects with a real wow factor, and the Ghibli Hotel offers a maritime interpretation of this philosophy in keeping with its location. » This is how project leader, architect Marco Lucchi, describes the character and style of the Ghibli Hotel, a 4-star seafront establishment situated in a prime location in the centre of Civitanova Marche, a city in the province of Macerata renowned for its unique blend of nightlife, natural beauty and culture.
Facing onto long Blue Flag beaches, the Ghibli Hotel « consists of an entrance hall and three floors of guest rooms complete with a breakfast room and conference hall extending over a total of around 1,100 square metres, » continues the architect. « The Flamingo, an approximately 250-square-metre covered bathing establishment, was also recently added. Along with its strategic location and efficient management, what really makes a difference architecturally is the blend of high-quality materials such as artistic mosaics, white marble, gold profiles and coloured glass in an essential style. »
The modern, understated exterior conceals comfortable, well-appointed rooms of various types and sizes, including five newly built suites which stand out in particular for the presence of highly decorative large glass panels behind the beds. These panels from the Vetrite collection by Sicis were developed and patented by the Italian company as a unique combination of industrial production, traditional processes and skilful craftsmanship. « Each suite features a backlit Vetrite bed header of dimmable intensity in different colours complemented by 10×10 cm majolica floor and wall tiles in harmony with the rest of the interior but in more subdued, muted tones, » explains architect Marco Lucchi. The decorations are from the Gem Glass collection, consisting of nature-inspired patterns reminiscent of the inner portions of gemstones and minerals, while the panels are mounted on the wall by means of aluminium profiles over LED coils for backlighting, giving them the dual function of decoration and lighting fixtures. « Each suite also features a wellness accessory, either a Turkish bath or a whirlpool bath, » adds Marco Lucchi. Products from Sicis’ Vetrite collection are also present in the lobby, where the walls are clad with panels (colour Astrakan Pavone) reminiscent of the depths of the sea combined with striking artistic mosaic inserts depicting divers in mid-air. This further emphasises the hotel’s profound connection with water and the marine world.

Surfaces céramiques
Vetrite Gem Glass

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