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“Bagno di folla” - TAM (Teatro Arcimboldi Milan) - Milan (Italy)

Designer bathrooms for a theatre

‘Bagno di Folla’ is the name of the project developed by Giulia Pellegrino and Collettivo Invǝrso for the new bathrooms in the foyer of TAM Teatro Arcimboldi

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Sabaudia Hotel et Spa - Sabaudia (Italie)

Renaissance et durabilité

Fruit de la rénovation d'un bâtiment des années 1990, le Sabaudia Hotel & Spa est aujourd'hui un établissement moderne, écologique et technologique. Sa position est suggestive : à proximité de la mer, il donne sur le parc national du Circeo

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Amber Café - Modena (Italy)

An innovative location in the city of Modena

A café, fitness space and bistro are the individual components of an all-round hospitality concept at a new Modena venue focusing on wellbeing and design

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New Plymouth Airport - New Plymouth (New Zealand) - New Plymouth (Nuova Zelanda)

Small airport, big culture

The new airport terminal in New Plymouth, New Zealand, is a gateway between past and future, between the Maori tradition and the world

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Toast to Coast restaurant - Milan - Milano

Travel and food rub shoulders in the Toast to Coast experience

The restaurant located in the Bicocca area of Milan stands out for its use of eclectic materials and furnishings to create a strongly international feel and New York-style industrial atmosphere

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Ciara Bar Cafeteria - Rome - Roma

A modern reinterpretation of classicism

The new Ciara Cafeteria in Rome uses sophisticated combinations of materials and colours and the rigid geometric pattern of porcelain floor tiles to recreate the atmosphere of traditional Italian cafés in a modern style and a comfortable and refined ambience

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StrEat Food Restaurant - Milan - Milano

A food experience spanning past and present

Warm vintage atmospheres and contemporary functionality come together in the restyling project for the StrEat Food Tortona restaurant in Milan

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Mariapaola G fashion store - Scandiano (RE) - SCANDIANO (RE)

More than just shopping

Stories, memories, life, from the floor up! This concept store in Scandiano offers outfits and emotions.

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Casa Salina - Scicli, Ragusa - Scicli

A minimal-chic country home

Immersed in the green countryside near the sea, Casa Salina is a converted stone farmhouse used as a holiday home

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The District food court - Sydney - Sydney (Australia)

Food Court, Food Theatre

An old area next to a railway interchange in Sydney, Australia has been redeveloped as a futuristic dining precinct

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The "Rotonda Italiana" coffee bar - Reggio Emilia - Reggio Emilia

Art Deco and a focus on craftsmanship

The "Rotonda Italiana" coffee bar in Reggio Emilia takes you on a journey in time, thanks to vintage tiles that express Italian quality in all its facets

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