Hotel Baltic - Rimini - Rimini

The «dolce vita» of hospitality

Architecture and landscape come together to create a unique hospitality experience in the heart of the Romagna Riviera
Francesca Cuoghi
Barbara Quadrelli
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Rimini is a city and seaside resort whose name conjures up the idea of «dolce vita», that «sweet life» narrated by Fellini in his famous film which inspired the dreams of generations. It is also home to Hotel Baltic, an establishment whose care and attention to customers has earned it an outstanding reputation in the Romagna coast’s international hospitality sector. The first sensation that a visitor has when arriving in this splendid city with its miles and miles of Adriatic coastline is a sense of belonging, the thrill of an affinity that over the years has never lost its magic. The hotel building faces onto the picturesque streets of the Marina, which in the summer throng with visitors and tourists.
Throughout Hotel Baltic’s 50-year history, the family management have done everything possible to offer guests the cuisine, hospitality and sense of fun for which the Romagna region is renowned. In particular, it embraces the famous Italian style that is so popular with foreign visitors who decide to spend their holidays in Rimini to enjoy the «dolce vita».
The Hotel has been transformed over the years, and the old 1960s structure is now a modern building equipped with all the facilities needed for a perfect stay.
Hospitality architecture plays an important role in Rimini, combining art and attention to detail with a strong focus on safeguarding the environment and landscape. The Hotel Baltic renovation project in particular aimed to preserve the identity and culture of the location and restored the aesthetic values of the architecture. The building’s façade was clad with Rovere Oliato porcelain planks from Panaria Ceramica’s Doghe 0.3 collection, the wood effect giving the building a natural, modern and original look. To further enhance this natural appeal, the terraces were also paved with Deck tiles from the Doghe di Quercia collection.
All the tiles, chosen in a 15×60.3 cm size, recall the essence and finish of wood, while the building’s design with its open space enhance the landscape and help the observer appreciate its colours and aromas. It is a celebration of linear, essential architecture that promotes the eco-sustainability of the physical space through solutions that make the building an example of modern, contemporary design.
Here in Rimini, emotions become history and indelible memories. Its landscape, sea, people and love of hospitality are epitomised by Hotel Baltic, which day after day, year after year, offers its guests memorable stays.

Керамические поверхности
15X60,3 cm Deck

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