Palazzo di Varignana Lounge Bar - Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) - Caste San Pietro Terme (BO)

Relaxing in a lounge bar

Guests at the Palazzo Varignana Resort & Spa can chill out in an elegant and prestigious location in the Emilia-Romagna countryside
Elisa Montalti
Paolo Castelli
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Set in a splendid location in the hills above Castel San Pietro Terme, this luxury resort is a jewel of hospitality and wellness where the original historic buildings and new constructions are interconnected by underground corridors and elegant internal walkways. The complex has evolved around what was formerly known as Palazzo Bentivoglio, a historic villa set in 20-hectare grounds originally built in 1705 as a country residence. In this context, the Bologna-based general contracting and design company Paolo Castelli Spa was commissioned to redevelop a 300 square metre section of the reception building previously used as a gym and service space. The renowned contract and custom furnishing company was tasked with renovating the entire space and transforming it into a contemporary and elegant lounge bar.
The room has one fully glazed wall looking out onto a large terrace, which in turn faces onto the main swimming pool. Natural light is exploited as a design element that interacts with the floor and ceiling in a play of reflections and references. The ceiling’s mirror finish amplifies the volume and depth of the space, while the onyx-effect porcelain floor tiles stand out for their high gloss surface and veins. The Aesthetica tile collection, produced by LA FABBRICA SpA under the AVA brand name, was chosen by the architects in the colour Wilde and natural finish specifically for its onyx stone look. The large 160×80 cm floor slabs with a thickness of just 6 mm give the room a pale colour that enhances the natural and artificial light and brings a sense of elegance and prestige. The bright, luminous surface contrasts effectively with the dark tones of the wood panelling and the bar counter in an alternation of textures, lacquered surfaces and timber effects. The monolithic counter is made from black Marseilles marble with a black lacquered glass top.
The bar detailing, counter, lights, tables and chairs in this new space were all chosen from the Inspiration by Paolo Castelli collection with the aim of «creating a pleasant, high-quality space ideal for users seeking an intimate atmosphere while also serving as a venue for events and business meetings». The room is divided into 6 relaxation areas of various sizes, characterised by pale, warm tones and fitted out with cream, taupe and beige coloured chairs. The conversation areas are separated by gold-painted laser-cut metallic lattice screens designed by the Contract Division of Paolo Castelli Spa. These double-sided partitions are mounted on black lacquered wooden storage units. The perimeter walls stand out for their elegant customised oak panelling equipped with functional and display niches.

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80x160 cm

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