Emma Pizza & Cocktails - Belgrade (Serbia)

Not a conventional pizzeria

Emma Pizza & Cocktails in Belgrade opts for an eclectic and elegant design with unusually sophisticated and glamorous atmospheres enhanced by material contrasts
Silvia Airoldi
AA Studio
Керамические поверхности
Год реализации

Customers who expect to find themselves in a conventional pizzeria are in for a surprise. Located in a narrow lane in Belgrade’s small Dorćol neighbourhood, Emma Pizza & Cocktails has a highly distinctive interior that stands apart from other restaurants for its soft, refined atmosphere and sophisticated contemporary design. The architects from AA/Studio came up with an eclectic concept that reflects the artistic and cultural energy and dynamic character of the Serbian capital and the specific neighbourhood in which Emma is located. The name Dorćol in Turkish means crossroads and refers to a time when it was a trading centre and home to Turks, Jews, Greeks, Germans and Armenians, a far cry from its current character as a cool, alternative neighbourhood in downtown Belgrade packed with bars and restaurants and monuments testifying to its intercultural history. Light penetrates through the large windows looking onto the street, illuminating the interiors where the harmony of the colour choices, the striking material contrasts and the custom-made furnishings have all been designed with meticulous attention to detail. The vintage-style furnishings include soft armchairs and sofas in powder pink, green and dusty blue, in keeping with the mood of refined elegance that permeates the pizzeria & cocktail bar. In a touch of whimsical originality, the ceiling is covered with suspended ears of wheat, creating the sensation of an upside-down golden wheat field. The surface coverings are another visually striking element and were chosen to create a sense of contrast with the materials used for the interior design, from the delicate mural to the Ceramiche Keope tile collections chosen for their aesthetic, functional and environmentally sustainable qualities. Sustainability is an aspect that distinguishes all Keope products, thanks to numerous green certifications and compliance with LEED protocols, as well as the use of more than 30% recycled material.
The Dolmix Grey stone-effect porcelain tile collection used for the floor recreates a marble and stone agglomerate combining graphic rigour and decorative taste. The warm grey background contrasts harmoniously with coloured pebbles and marble inclusions, while the use of the two sizes 60×120 cm and 60×60 cm brings further dynamism to the rooms. But perhaps the real highlight is the long bar counter, ideal for serving the venue’s speciality cocktails and clad with Interno4 slabs in the Breccia Tortona version. These porcelain tiles inspired by high-quality Italian marble from the 1920s and 1970s stand out for the astonishing beauty of their polychromatic green, gold and burgundy tones in marked contrast to the pure white surface, chosen for this project in an extra-large 120×278 cm size.

Керамические поверхности
Dolmix + Interno4
Grey, Breccia Tortona
60x60, 60x120, 120x278 cm

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