Scrigno Lab Outdoor - Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN) - Santarcangelo di Romagna

Creativity and nature for an outstanding workplace

The large, gently undulating garden connecting the factories with the new Scrigno Lab aims to maximise the well-being of employees and customers
Maria Giulia Zunino
Elodie Cavallaro
Studio Pampa (Filippo Piva, Cristian Guidi) Studio Giacobbi Venturini Ferrini (Michele Giacobbi)
Керамические поверхности
Год реализации

Thirty years have gone by since Rimini-based entrepreneur Giuseppe Berardi founded the revolutionary company Scrigno, a manufacturer of high-quality frames for sliding and pocket doors and windows, in the village of Sant’Ermete in the municipality of Santarcangelo di Romagna, province of Rimini. Following these three decades of success, the company is now well established as a solid international group and an undisputed leader in its sector.
Today’s headquarters with its remodelled exterior space stands on a 51,000 square metre site and consists of a 12,000 square metre factory, 1,200 square metres of offices and the Scrigno Lab designed by two San Marino-based practices: Pampa (in the persons of Filippo Piva and Cristian Guidi) for the landscaping work and Giacobbi Venturini Ferrini for the architecture.
The Scrigno Lab is a multifunctional centre used for product showcasing, training and events and has become a point of reference for customers and employees. It is a dynamic 452 square metre space where visitors can find out more about the production and assembly process and the distinctive characteristics of the company’s products, and also develop new projects.
The new building’s modern architecture evokes early 1960s factory buildings with exposed brick walls and vaulted roofs while making creative use of one of the company’s flagship products on the façade, namely the extruded aluminium profiles of the Scrigno door frames. Alongside the brick, they are used both for the cladding of the lift block leading up to the panoramic roof garden and for the upper arch-shaped elements that will form the future green arcade.
This arcade leads to the large new garden that now takes the place of the former tarmac square, inspired by local elements (the water corridor is reminiscent of agricultural canals) and vegetation while at the same time contrasting with the flatness of the Po Valley topography thanks to gentle undulations that mimic the vaulted roofs and soften the overall impact.
The result is a new high-quality natural-looking landscape reinforced by the choice of stone-effect porcelain tiles from the Mystone collection, in this case the Pietra di Vals version inspired by rare quartzite and suitable for exterior use. This material is produced by Marazzi, a company renowned for its aesthetic research and experimentation coupled with profound respect for the environment in terms of both the built and natural landscape. For years it has been the face of an eco-sustainable industry and has made a vital contribution to making ceramic manufacturing a closed-cycle production process.
Used along the walkways, on the long water channel and on the seats and the raised floor of the Lab’s roof garden, the anthracite-coloured tiles serve to create a sense of order.

Керамические поверхности
40x120, 60x120 cm

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