Sheraton San Siro - Milan

Bleisure in San Siro

The San Siro Sheraton hotel interior design project led by the practice Caberlon Caroppi is elegant, refined and functional in keeping with a "bleisure" style combining business and leisure
Antonia Solari
Matteo Barro
Studio Caberlon Caroppi
Керамические поверхности
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Well known amongst football fans as a venue for transfer negotiations due to its proximity to Milan’s San Siro stadium, Hotel Brun was recently acquired by the Sheraton group and refurbished by the practice Caberlon Caroppi. «The structure as it stood came up to international hotel standards, so our project did not include any distribution changes. We maintained the layout of the guest rooms and adapted the common areas to contemporary hospitality requirements and the requests of the hotel group,» says Federica Cucco, an interior designer from the architecture firm.
The style chosen for the interior design is closely associated with the city of Milan, reflecting its sense of rigour and glamorous detailing, but without neglecting the efficiency of the services, the choice of sustainability and a clear reference to the city’s icons. «We wanted to create the feel of a business hotel while at the same time recounting the spirit of the city, its vitality and the aesthetic and cultural references found in the decorative details. Bleisure was the keyword that guided all our stylistic and architectural choices. Our principal aim was to create a fluid environment, an oasis of comfort that would reflect the brand’s international spirit and the hotel’s location.» Alongside the guest rooms there is also a large lobby, a lounge bar and a restaurant, as well as open spaces that share the same design approach adopted for the interiors.
As for the choice of colours and materials, the common areas feature the use of brass, wood and coloured accents in warm tones and mirrored surfaces, while for the guest rooms the designers opted for cool, neutral tones that would emphasise the location’s metropolitan nature. «The colours bring to mind the city of Milan in terms of both its urban character and its greenery. The grey and sand tones are in delicate harmony with the leaden blues of the sky and the green, pink, orange and brown shades of nature. These inspirations were chosen to create a modern, urban ambience that would adhere closely to the spirit of an international hotel but at the same time would be warm and welcoming to emphasise the concept of bleisure,» continues Federica Cucco.
This is particularly evident in the common areas, the guest rooms and the design of the service areas, as well as in the choice of wall tiles from Ceramica Sant’Agostino’s Metrochic collection. These brick tiles in shades of teal echo the colours of the fabrics chosen for the guest room interiors, combined with the Set collection concrete-effect porcelain tiles installed on the floors and in the shower cubicle.

Керамические поверхности
Ceramica Sant'Agostino
Concrete Dark + Dress Dark
60x60 - 30x60 cm

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