Aquum Wellness Center - Tarragona (Spain)

Aquum Wellness Centre in Tarragona

Eco-friendly materials create an oasis of peace inspired by the sea as part of a process of physical and mental regeneration
Alessandra Coppa
Керамические поверхности
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The frenetic pace of contemporary society prevents us from living in harmony with our own bodies. Our five senses have been gradually impaired to the point that we are unable to truly perceive experience itself. The current trend of building spas and beauty farms aims to create sanctuaries of peace and beauty where visitors can enjoy a different perception of reality and thus rediscover their inner selves.
A renewed state of wellness can be attained through design projects based on the choice of appropriate and environmentally friendly materials and a measured use of light. Concept, design, interiors and correct positioning are the key strengths of the hospitality structure that houses the Aquum Wellness Centre in Tarragona. The centre’s highly professional management are careful not to be concerned exclusively with aesthetics, well aware that «wellness» and «aesthetics» follow parallel but not converging paths. The 4,000 square metre structure is inspired by the colours and sensations of the ocean as a source of life and regeneration.
The Aquum centre consists of two areas, one devoted to the spa and the other reserved for the club. The Aquum Spa has a total water surface area of 650 square metres in its various pools, including over 100 positions and 50 «water sensations», including airbeds, waterbeds, waterfalls, water curtains, underwater jets and a hydrodynamic channel. Not to mention indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, a Turkish bath, an ice fountain and heated benches.
The Aquum Club has a 36°C whirlpool tub with a 42°C hot pool and an 18°C cold pool, a spa area with sauna and steam bath, a Zen relaxation area with a multisensorial room for aromatherapy, colour therapy and music therapy.
A key characteristic of the centre is the Aquum Eco + environmental programme which optimises energy resources. The project observes the principles of bioclimatic architecture with an independent double glass skin ventilation system that allows the influx of heat from solar radiation to be minimised and comfort and energy savings to be obtained.
The choice of materials and the specially designed interiors allow for optimal sensorial perception, whether during treatments, along transit routes or while waiting. This is especially so if the materials are natural and environmentally friendly as in the case of the swimming pools, which feature Ecotech, a product manufactured by Floor Gres, used here in the colours Ecolight and Ecodark. The unusual characteristic of this ceramic tile, which boasts Ecolabel certification, is that the body is formulated with a certain content of dust and residues originating from the manufacture of other products.

Керамические поверхности
Ecolight, Ecodark
40x80 cm

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