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A balcony with a view of the island of Ortigia

Extending over a total area of around 25,000 square metres, the Grand Hotel Minareto is made up of 25 different structures containing 96 rooms, including 3 suites.
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The Grand Hotel Minareto 5 star Deluxe is a luxury resort located in Siracusa Sicily.
Originally built in the 1950s by the Italian state as a holiday village for civil servants, it was abandoned for many years until the late 1990s when Catania-based entrepreneur Giuseppe La Spina decided to refurbish the complex.
Perched on a sheer cliff above the sea, the hotel has access to the beaches of two of the most splendid bays south of Siracusa. From one of these, guests can admire the beautiful island of Ortigia, a UNESCO world heritage site that can be reached by a short motorboat journey from the bay.
Extending over a total area of around 25,000 square metres, the Grand Hotel Minareto is made up of 25 different structures containing 96 rooms, including 3 suites. The layout of the complex conserves the topography of the village that was formerly located on the same promontory, one of the oldest in Sicily.
Completely rebuilt, it became a luxury hotel with large flower beds planted with typical Mediterranean species. The hotel was opened in 2008 and immediately began to host high-profile events such as the G8 Environment Ministers’ Meeting, accommodating delegates and staging several conferences. One of the most luxurious hotel complexes in Sicily, it offers both cutting-edge amenities and an outstanding level of comfort. The connecting paths within the complex are built in a Greco-Roman style with geometric motif mosaics and furnishings made of marble and other prestigious materials.
Each room in the facility has its own customised mosaic entrance along with splendid furnishings and amenities such as Rivolta Carmignani linen and luxury brand cosmetics. Designed by Tuscan architects Roberto and Filippo Bacci in the three styles Harmony, Romantic and Decò, the rooms have large balconies furnished with armchairs and coffee tables, ideal for admiring the splendid view of the sea and the island of Ortigia.
A painstaking search for products ensued with the aim of creating an ambience that would be unique yet integrated into a Sicilian style. Tiles for use on the exteriors were selected from the Emilceramica and Ergon range. More than 7,000 square metres of Pietra di Modica series tiles from Ergon in a 30×60 cm size and white and gold colours were chosen for cladding the buildings containing the hotel rooms. For the terraces and stairways, 4,000 square metres of Antique Terre Cuite series tiles from Emilceramica in colour Nimes and a 32×32 cm size were used along with a further 10,000 trim pieces for the stairs.
The Grand Hotel Minareto has three direct accesses to the sea and a semi-Olympic sized swimming pool.
The Nesos restaurant features sophisticated marble inlays and wood wainscoting. Along with the classic Sicilian bar, a sober British-style lounge bar is located at the top of the old minaret with a panoramic terrace looking out over the swimming pool.

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