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"Un diavolo per capello" Hair Salon - Camucia (AR)

The devil is in the haircut…

A hair styling salon in the province of Arezzo defies all conventions. A cross between an art gallery and a metropolitan fashion boutique, it stands out for its geometric layout centred around an astonishing design object

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Racour Station - Landen (B)

A train from the past

Fancy a relaxing railway holiday? Two renovated train carriages and a station in a corner of Belgium may be the perfect solution

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CET Multifunctional complex - Budapest

The Budapest whale

Two nineteenth century granaries built on the banks of the river Danube encounter the visionary architecture of Kas Oosterhuis

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Absolute Time Jewellers - Belgrade (Serbia)

Out of time, but absolutely on time!

A contemporary neoclassical building in the centre of Belgrade is home to a luxury watch boutique

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Art Hotel Kastiel - Bratislava (SLO)

A question of style

A masterly restoration project has maintained the unique personality and intriguing blend of styles of a haven of peace in the countryside near the Little Danube.

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Stožice Sports Park - Ljubljana (Republic of Slovenia)

A new sports centre for Ljubljana

Designed by practice Sadar + Vuga, the 182,000 square metre Stožice Sports Park is the new gateway to the capital

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Smyrna Park residential complex - İzmir (Turkey)

Smyrna Park, a splendid view over the Aegean

A six-block complex with a sober and rational style offering sea view apartments with long continuous balconies and, inside, luxury made ​​in Italy ceramic surfaces

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Radisson Blu Resort & Spa - Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Looking out to sea

With its striking architecture blending into the Dalmatian coastline, the Radisson Blu Resort in Dubrovnik projects a modern image based on glass walls, rigorous geometries and ceramic materials.

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Nino Bellini Sports Village - Crema (CR)

The sea in a swimming pool

A pool with artificial waves surrounded by a real sandy beach has been created in the Swimming Centre in Crema

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