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Projects by LAMINAM S.p.A.

VIP Lounge in Gagarin International Airport - Saratov, RU

A voyage into space with Yuri Gagarin

Moscow-based practice Vox Architects drew inspiration from the conquest of the cosmos for a futuristic interior in which Italian ceramic tiles dialogue with the history of the city where the "first man in space" studied and returned to earth after his mission

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1800 Oak building - Arkington, VA (USA)

1800 Oak Street: an award-winning project

The renovation project for the communal spaces of a multi-family building in Virginia was based on two design principles: reinforcing the oak theme and creating a hotel-like ambience

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Ro World - Nola (BA)

A gourmet eatery with a cosmopolitan spirit in Nola

Ro World Experience: Café, Bistro, Patisserie... An elegant space designed by Studioarcho that creates the perfect atmosphere at any time of day

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Blue Coast Villa - Roquebrune (F)

Neomodernism on the Côte d’Azur

In Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, three Italian architects have followed in the footsteps of Eileen Gray and Le Corbusier in their design for a villa that stands as a manifesto for both essential architecture and the use of ceramic materials

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Copper Shell House - Moscow (Russia)

Timeless architecture

Architect Aleksandra Fedorova has created a sculptural, timeless house in Moscow consisting of pure volumes and materials inspired by natural tones of rusted iron and marble

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Al Faya Lodge Boutique Hotel - Sharjah (Emirati Arabi Uniti)

Even in the desert, less is more

The perfect minimalism of an eco-retreat set amongst the stars and sand of the crimson desert in the Emirate of Sharjah

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Hotel Nodo - Santiago del Cile

Fighting pollution with style

Designed by architect Riccardo Stein, Hotel Nodo in Santiago de Chile is the first building in South America to adopt bioactive façade cladding

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Private house - Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat (France)

A marble jewel on the Côte d’Azur

For this luxury villa on the Côte d'Azur, Brambilla and Corti from the practice Studio TE created a high-end project with custom-designed functional and decorative elements that combine practicality and aesthetics

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Hattrick Office Building - Sibiu (Romania)

A green building in Sibiu

Extending over eight above-ground floors with a 7,500 square metre footprint, the Hattrick Office Building was the first building of its kind in Sibiu to obtain BREEAM certification

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Residential and commercial building envelope - Cagliari

Renovation of the former Zedda Piras distillery in Cagliari

The first step in a broader brownfield redevelopment project awarded to the local practice Studio Fadda created a mixed-use residential and tertiary complex with ultra-white, dynamic and multifaceted volumes

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Hotel Habitat - Catania

A hotel where guests can feel at home

In a hospitality project inspired by the authentic Sicilian tradition, Hotel Habitat in Catania is housed in a renovated former fish processing plant

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Vulcangas Headquarters - Rimini

Sunlit workspaces

The Vulcangas headquarters in Rimini reflects the company's mission and the principles of bioclimatic architecture

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Sede Telekom - Bonn (D)

Splendid atmospheres

The canteen in the Telekom headquarters in Germany stands out for its elegant interior design

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Business Hall Platov Airport - Platov (RU)

The Doorway to the Caucasus

Platov's new airport is the most important in southern Russia. Completed in time to welcome visitors to this year's FIFA World Cup, the international hub is intended to remind air travellers of the beautiful countryside around the nearby city of Rostov and the Don river. These associations are powerfully reinforced by the design of the VIP lounge, by Vox Architects

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Majestic Mountain Charme Hotel - Madonna di Campiglio (TN)

A mountain setting

The restyling project for a splendid hotel in Madonna di Campiglio brings together modernity and tradition while respecting the local spirit

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Darling Harbour Live International Convention Centre - Sydney

A new entertainment venue

The Australian consortium Darling Harbour Live has invested a billion dollars in redeveloping one of Sydney's prime locations to create new convention, exhibition and entertainment venues set in parkland between the waterfront and the city

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Politechnika Wrocławska - Wrocław, Poland

A new development at Wroclaw Polytechnic

A perfect balance between glass and ceramic surfaces enhances the geometric lines and volumes of this new building at Wrocław university.

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Sag Tubi Offices - Novellara (RE)

Continuity of colour and material

Transformed through a renovation project that exploits the uniformity of the ceramic surfaces used for the interiors and on the exterior envelope, the Sag Tubi offices provide a bright, comfortable and functional work environment

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Residenza Ferrucci 36 - Turin

Like a block of stone

This architecture project within the existing urban fabric focused on aesthetic quality and energy efficiency. A modern ceramic ventilated façade played a key role

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Gleneagles Medini Hospital - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Code white

For the Gleneagles Medini Hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the practice B+H Architects used the sequence of openings and the white ceramic surface of the envelope as the keynotes of the architectural project

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Private House - Tauranga (NZ)

Be creative: scenes from another world

An extraordinary residence in New Zealand for a far from ordinary client

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Panmure Station - Auckland (NZ)

On the isthmus of the Iwi

Panmure Interchange in New Zealand combines the needs of public transport with respect for the local culture

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Natali Building - La Spezia

Rigour and innovation

A high-quality tertiary project is emerging from the ruins of an abandoned industrial site. One of the highlights is an elegant building enclosed in a functional and visually striking ceramic envelope

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Morgan Lovell design firm offices - London (UK)

In the offices of an interior design firm

Italian products enjoy pride of place in the London offices of one of the UK's best known office design firms

Surfaces: LAMINAM
30 Jellicoe Avenue Building - Johannesburg (South Africa)

Beyond the image

A new commercial complex recently completed in South Africa's economic capital highlights the role of ceramic envelopes in architecture and in technological and energy performance

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Algiubagio Restaurant - Venice

Not just a restaurant but a place of restoration

Not far from the centre of Venice, a seventeenth century building hosts a haven of peace and tranquillity, an eatery that combines design with sophisticated cuisine

Surfaces: LAMINAM
Office building Yangjae Dong - Seoul (Corea)

The thin silver line

An outstanding blend of Italian design and technology envelops and enhances an upmarket business centre in Seoul

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