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House in the hills in Montevecchia (LC)

A converted wine cellar

In the hills near Montevecchia in Upper Brianza to the north of Milan, a former 19th-century agricultural building has been repurposed and given a new look. The result is a family home that combines history and modernity, starting with the choice of materials

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Private home - Orzinuovi (Brescia)

A three-sided fireplace as focal point of the home

A home renovation project in provincial Lombardy created a warm, welcoming space with a large living area organised around a modern fireplace. The natural, textured look of the ceramic tiling gave the interiors a unique style

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Apartment in Genoa

On the Waterfront

A 40 square metre space and rooftop terrace for stylish living in the historic centre of Genoa

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Private home - Varese

A surprising name: AmmazzaCheCasa!

This newly renovated apartment has an unusual name considering its geographical location in the heart of the northern Italian Lombardy region

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Private home - Matera

Timeless comfort

A renovation project in Matera offers a contemporary interpretation of the age-old language of local stone

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The Gate Resto-Lounge - Tunis

A tearoom in Tunis

Looking out onto the Lake of Tunis, The Gate Resto-Lounge is a chic, contemporary version of the classic oriental tearoom

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Huize Hölterhof Sauna Wellness Hotel & Restaurant - Enschede (NL)

A cottage in the heart of the Dutch Twente region

The Huize Hölterhof Sauna Wellness Hotel & Restaurant is a resort where guests can relive the atmospheres of the early twentieth century

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Hotel Landgoed De Wilmersberg - De Lutte (NL)

An oasis of wellness in the Dutch countryside

A spa surrounded by large windows looking out onto one of the most picturesque areas of the Netherlands is the perfect place to restore body and soul

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Holiday Apartment Lamia Matera 11 - Matera

A contemporary rock dwelling in Matera

In the European Capital of Culture 2019, a rock dwelling in the ancient village of the Sassi has been given a new lease of life. With a new layout and modern materials, it has been transformed into a contemporary hospitality facility while maintaining strong links with tradition

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Caffè del Voltone - Pieve di Cento (BO)

Caffè del Voltone

A bar in Pieve di Cento offers a taste of the past

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Craft shop "La bottega degli intrecci" - Spello (PG)

Where past and present intertwine

A project to convert a former printworks into a craft weaving shop in the central Italian town of Spello aims to introduce new functional solutions while preserving elements of the original architecture and blending in harmoniously with the location

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Valamar Girandella Premium Villas - Rabac, Istria (Croatia)

Splendid architecture for a holiday in eastern Istria

In search of Rabac, a splendid location where the hospitality of the Valamar Girandella Resort is a sublime art in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape

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Centro Cinofilo Cusinato - Pove del Grappa (VI)

Outdoor living

Country life provides the inspiration for interior design

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