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The Porcelain Tile House

Set in the hills near Piacenza, this villa plays on the volumes and textures of its cladding
Laura Ragazzola
Andrea Roscini
Adriana Fantini
Superfici Ceramiche
Anno di realizzazione

Compositional simplicity and essential layouts, spaces used to their maximum potential, natural light and a study of attractive, long-lasting materials were the guiding principles behind the project for this single-family residential unit designed by the TFB architectural studio. “The challenge was to adapt the austerity of the geometric shapes (three different volumes that fit one into the other) to a functional living space with distinctive, comfortable interiors whose large windows open onto the outside,” explained one of the designers. This is certainly the case with the daytime areas; on the same level as the garden, they extend outside via a portico. The night quarters, on the other hand, are more intimate. Located on a higher level than the living-room, they are also further back thanks to the steps set into the main façade. The wide entrance portal, set off by a white plaster surround, connects the night and daytime areas, linking them at the same time to the third volume located at the rear of the building where all the technological systems and services are housed. The modern slant given to the spaces and volumes is also reflected in the choice of materials, or rather material – porcelain tile produced by Casalgrande Padana – used for both the façade cladding and interior flooring. This achieves a sense of continuity between the “inside” and “outside” of the house, extending it outwards by using the same covering material. In spite of this, there is neither coldness nor uniform monotony because the use of porcelain tiles in different shades and sizes lends animation and plasticity to the volumes. No less importantly, this material provides exceptional mechanical strength and durability: here, more than elsewhere, the tiles play a vital role in preventing the deterioration of a façade that does not have the protection of a roof cover.
The furnishings are perfectly suited to the clean lines of the house’s architectural style. Just a few, very essential furnishing items, all in white, dot the bright and airy rooms.
The flooring also makes a strong contribution, paved by extra-large porcelain tiles that amplify space. Only the night quarters have a warmer coloured floor, the bright colours of the bed linen punctuating the all-white austerity. Last but not least, the bathroom features a black and white design.

Superfici Ceramiche
Casalgrande Padana, Pietre Native, Meteor
grès porcellanato
Almond e Noce
60x60, 30x60, 15x60, 7,5x60 cm

Ceramica Flaminia, Collezione IO
Designer: A. Duringer e S. Rosini (vasca da bagno)

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