Solarium Hotel Villa Brunella - Capri

The spectacular solarium of Hotel Villa Brunella

Raised flooring was chosen for the remodelling project of the panoramic terrace of Hotel Villa Brunella with its view of the Faraglioni stacks
Alessandro Braida
Studio di Architettura Mariniello e Federico
Surfaces céramiques
Centro Commerciale Manocalzati
Année de réalisation

Hotel Villa Brunella, one of the most prestigious resorts on the island of Capri, is set amongst luxuriant vegetation on a steep cliff overlooking the sea and the famous Faraglioni stacks.
Consisting of individual buildings arranged on terraces and surrounded by spectacular patios connected by lifts, the hotel faces onto the bay of Marina Piccola and offers a magnificent view of the coast and the sea.
Offering spacious, brightly lit guest rooms, many of which are complete with delightful lounge areas and have delicately coloured furnishings in harmony with elegant Mediterranean taste, the hotel is also famous for its terrace restaurant, which over the years has become a holy grail for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine.
Hotel Villa Brunella also has a splendid swimming pool and a panoramic solarium that recently underwent extensive remodelling work, including the installation of new decking designed to create a continuous surface that would blend in with the colours and materials of the existing structures.
The Studio di Architettura Mariniello e Federico, which oversaw the new project, chose to install raised outdoor flooring supplied and fitted by Marazzi Engineering. The floor manufacturer also conducted the preliminary survey and drafted the final plans for the floor. The adjustable feet of the supporting substructure, consisting of small high-strength plastic columns, were able to level out the differences in height (from 10 to 50 centimetres) between the various areas of the terrace which had previously prevented it from being used to its full potential.
Through-bodied porcelain tiles from the Woods collection were chosen as the surface covering of the solarium. Inspired by the natural grain of wood, they were mounted on Marazzi porcelain supporting slabs and installed with wide joints.
This solution assures superior resistance to the weather and temperature extremes caused by the strong Mediterranean sunlight.
Logistics proved to be another important aspect. Due to Capri’s narrow, winding roads, the company had to coordinate carefully between the materials supply operations and the work of the teams of fitters. The tiles and support structures were shipped by sea via the port of Naples and arrived on site using the small electric vans that are able to travel around the island.

Surfaces céramiques
60x60 cm

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