The Library car park/private museum - Wanchai (Hong Kong)

Need for speed

A collector space in Hong Kong designed by the firm A Work of Substance has become a sanctuary for vintage car lovers and design enthusiasts. The spaces are enhanced by the sophisticated material appeal of Italian ceramic tiles
Roberto Negri
Dennis Lo
A Work of Substance
Surfaces céramiques
Année de réalisation

Designed by the practice A Work of Substance to celebrate the timeless appeal of vintage sports cars, The Library is a private car park in Hong Kong where the beauty of automotive design goes hand in hand with an interior design project steeped in architectural and material references. The elegant and sophisticated details create a sensation of perfect symbiosis with the cars themselves, while Italian ceramic tile producer Lea Ceramiche has made a valuable contribution with some of its most elegant collections. The alluring yet slightly muted atmosphere, the meticulous attention to detail and an almost craftsman-like focus on design come together to weave a fascinating narrative. The result is a curated library for collectors, a museum housing some of the most iconic models of vintage cars, whose unique combination of speed, timeless style and design are reflected in the exquisite stylistic choices and the purity of form, quality of finish and tactile appeal of the surfaces. Each of these elements serves to enhance the Library’s atmospheric spaces, creating an almost theatrical setting in which the beauty and values of the past go hand in hand with the emotions of the present. The result of experimentation in which the designers from A Work of Substance combine materials, textures and colours to great effect, it creates a truly immersive experience. The striking stainless steel panels in one of the display areas dialogue seamlessly with light and form, while the warmth of wood and leather are present not only in the display areas themselves but also in the rooms devoted to memorabilia. Everything is inspired by iconic automobiles, from the door handles of a Zagato to lounge chairs that pay tribute to the upholstery of the legendary Ferrari Dino. Among the materials used for the finishes, porcelain tiles from Lea Ceramiche’s L2 collection were chosen for a portion of the floor in the car park and service areas. The textures of L2 tiles inspired by the natural appeal of stone integrated powerfully into this space designed to accentuate the contrast between elegant and sophisticated details and raw material elements. The slabs, used here in the 20 mm thick Next Dark version in the sizes 60×60 cm and 60×120 cm, not only guarantee the highest levels of stability, durability and functionality but also elegantly revisit the heterogeneous surface of the original stone, creating a striking contrast between the floor and the surrounding elements.

Surfaces céramiques
Lea Ceramiche
Next Dark
60x60cm; 60x120cm

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