Puma Store - Herzogenaurach (Germania)

A question of sport

The Puma Store between physical movement and digital technology
Elisa Montalti
Surfaces céramiques
Année de réalisation

An intentionally post-industrial space houses sports apparel and footwear by Puma, one of the most celebrated sport lifestyle brands. The colours and fabrics of the German multinational’s collections emerge from the dark grey tones of the interior of the store located in the city of Herzogenaurach. Lightweight metal structures display the products behind textured partitions in which the veining of wood emerges. The interior, with a floor space of 217 square metres, is divided by slightly raised platforms and monolithic podiums with mannequins, in a fluid, simple and informal style.
The technical characteristics of the brand are displayed on display panels and showcases, while large screens and text on the walls evoke the values of the various sporting disciplines, so that customers feel completely immersed in the world of sport. For instance, the name of Usain Bolt appears multiple times, to recall Puma’s sponsorship of the current Olympic and world champion with his phenomenal sprint and relay records. A number of digital screens give a more dynamic vision of sports with images of famous sports people as well as normal customers acting as credible ambassadors of Puma style.
While the cables, pipes and other systems mounted in the ceiling have been left visible as if in an industrial building; the floor is covered in a continuous ceramic surface which accompanies visitors as they explore the large shop. The protagonist of the ceramic flooring, composed of 80×80 cm modules, is the La Roche collection by Rex, in grey tones inspired by the refined style of French stone. The floor is made of dry self-laying indoor tiles with an evocative stone effect, particularly resistant in high foot traffic applications. From this suggestive surface rise frameworks, shelves and metal grids on which the apparel and footwear are displayed (on hangers, shelves, totems, etc.). The materials are illuminated by rail-mounted spotlights on the ceiling, which create accent points even on the texture of the floor itself, revealing its refined veining.

Surfaces céramiques
La Roche di Rex
80x80 cm

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