Media Math 4 World Trade Center - New York (USA) - New York (USA)

A creative hub in New York City

The New York studio of Jennifer Carpenter Architect won the Tile Competition's Commercial award for their work in Media Math's new offices.
Donatella Bollani
Jennifer Carpenter Architect
Surfaces céramiques
High Style Stone and Tile
Année de réalisation

The two floors occupied by digital communication agency Media Math in Tower 4 of the World Trade Center in New York embody a futuristic approach to office design. In addition to the usual desk clusters and meeting rooms, the spaces designed by Jennifer Carpenter include yoga rooms, relaxation lounges and spaces for informal chats, a theatre and even galleries for displaying the company’s collection of works by emerging artists. The double-height entrance with its extensive use of glass houses the firm’s 500 plus employees and welcomes the many guests that visit the offices in downtown Manhattan.
Media Math is a ground-breaking digital marketing company that employs scientists, mathematicians, artists and creatives. They asked Jennifer Carpenter to create a work space that would function as a « Zen beehive » – a calm oasis but with areas set aside for intense brainstorming sessions and creative meetings. All areas had to have a top quality, elegant finish while remaining warm and welcoming.
The project exploits modular surfaces to provide stylistic continuity in the separate work and living areas of this extremely differentiated environment. The large porcelain tile floor of the entrance area clearly conveys the architectural vocation of Jennifer Carpenter and the firm’s offices in this World Trade Center tower. The most valuable works in the corporate art collection are often displayed in this creative urban space.
The large size of the covering elements, the extremely small gap required between them, the multi-material appearance of the surface, durability and easy maintenance all combined to convince the architects to choose ceramics as a floor covering.
Over 70,000 square metres of office floor is covered with tiles from Refin’s Design Industry collection. This new multi-material collection is inspired by modern urban life and the latest architectural trends. Two different kinds of surface, both available in a range of colours and sizes, permit exceptional freedom in interior design. Oxyde tiles evoke the patina typical of oxidised metals, in dark and light tones. Raw tiles convey the impression of worn, weathered cement and plaster.
The Ceramics of Italy Tile Competition is promoted by Confindustria Ceramica in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency, and promotes the excellence of Italian ceramic tiles around the world. Every year, the projects selected by the jury represent a fascinating overview of talent in the world of interior design and illustrate the myriad ways in which ceramic tile can be used and interpreted, even in projects that differ radically in terms of application and architectural style.

Surfaces céramiques
75 x 150 cm, 75 x 75 cm, 60 x 60 cm

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