Projets de Multibrand

American Dream shopping mall - East Rutherford, NJ (USA)

American Dream

A contemporary reimagining of the traditional US shopping mall concept located in the suburbs of New York, combines sober architecture with an elegant selection of materials, finishes and colour combinations

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Tigertail single-family residence - Bel Air, CA (USA)

A masculine concept of architecture

Rough surfaces inspired by natural materials, earth colours, stone and wood. These are the architectural elements of the Tigertail residence, one of the homes designed by DI Group in the hills in the Los Angeles suburb of Bel Air

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Academia Single-family residence, Encino, California

Inspired by the suburbs of ancient Athens

A villa named 'Academia' located in the hills of Encino, Los Angeles county is one of the latest projects by the design firm DI Group, which is working on some of the most stunning properties in the hills around the city

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Stradella single-family residence - Bel Air, CA (USA)

Organic design speaks Italian

A Bel Air mansion with an open and versatile floor plan combines elements of organic architecture with the quality of Italian ceramic tiles. The property maintains a harmonious relationship with its surroundings thanks to the presence of local natural elements inside the home

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Residential building 250-260 Gold Street, New York

Chaos outside, calm within

The multi-family building at 250-260 Gold Street in downtown Brooklyn rejects showy opulence in favour of a more relaxed aesthetic

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Hotel Monastero Arx Vivendi - Arco (TN)

The art of good living

In their project to convert a former convent into a hotel, noa* network of architecture drew inspiration from the local area, maintaining a sense of history while looking to the future and enhancing the calm, natural atmosphere of the location

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Casa Las Vistas - Escazu, San José Province, Costa Rica

Nature inside and out

The jungle "invades" the interior of a single-family home in the hills surrounding San José, the capital of Costa Rica

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Fleming College Sutherland Campus - Peterborough, Canada

The sustainable lightness of a Canadian college

The renovation project for Fleming College in Peterborough, near Toronto, has transformed an austere seventies building into a model of sustainable architecture with a vibrant, weightless appearance

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Niagara College Welland Campus Student Commons - Canada

The colours of Ontario

The Niagara College Welland Campus Student Commons is the result of an upgrade of a 1970s era building. The new 36,000 square metre campus features classrooms, teamwork and collaborative spaces, a cafeteria area, a student activity room and offices.

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Sushi Club Restaurant - Cesano Maderno (MB)

A new Asian dining experience

The fifth restaurant in the Sushi Club chain in Cesano Maderno has won the Commercial category of the "Ceramics and Design" award in recognition of its role in pioneering a new Asian culinary experience within a new aesthetic and formal context

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Geneva Villa - Geneva (Switzerland)

Sustainable minimalism

Geneva Villa, located in the largest city in French-speaking Switzerland and winner of a "2020 mention" in the Ceramics and Design architecture competition, demonstrates how environmental responsibility and energy efficiency can play a leading role in contemporary residential architecture and help improve its aesthetic qualities

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New A Due headquarters - Collecchio (PR)

A focus on human beings and their habitat

Interpersonal relationships and the interaction between humans and their environment were the guiding principles behind this industrial project

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LSG Project, Caserta

Colour and design for a remodelled garden

A long-neglected garden has been given new life in this urban regeneration project, winner of the residential category of the 2020 Ceramics and Design competition

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NY Healthcare Clinic - New York (USA)

A focus on health

The new frontier of healthcare space design is inspired by home and hospitality interior design

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M+B Residence Club de Golf la Herradura - Monterrey (Mexico)

Jagged beauty

Set in a picturesque valley in Monterrey, Mexico, the M+B Residence Club de Golf la Herradura is a luxurious residence with a unique material and stylistic connection with the surrounding landscape

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426 Tompkins Ave Residential building - New York (USA)

Brownstone 2.0

The residential building at 426 Tompkins Avenue successfully combines past and present and is inspired by the classic red brick houses that populate the historic neighbourhoods of Brooklyn, New York, while adopting a contemporary design based on innovative formal and material choices

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Hotel Bennett - Charleston, SC (USA)

Southern heritage

The old Charleston County Library in South Carolina has been converted into one of the most prestigious luxury hotels in the US state, Hotel Bennett

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Garden City Shopping Centre - Winnipeg (Canada)

Inclusive exclusivity

A historic shopping mall has been given a new lease of life thanks to a carefully designed renovation project that explores natural themes and a flooring system with a well-balanced combination of sizes and colours

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UpTown residential complex - Milan

Smart regeneration

The first Italian smart district, UpTown Milan covers a total area of 900,000 square metres and has a 250,000 square metre park at its centre. It is a new city neighbourhood fully equipped with physical and digital connections and shared services

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Venetian Isle Clubhouse - Windermere, FL (USA)

La dolce vita

Mediterranean style for a residential complex in the heart of Florida

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The Ridge Hotel - Lake Geneva, WI (USA)

A renovation project in keeping with tradition

In the American state of Wisconsin, the historic Ridge Hotel chose Italian ceramic tile as a key component of a renovation project combining tradition with modernity

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"Stefano Ferrari" Regenerative Medicine Centre - Modena

Architecture and morphogenesis

A centre of world excellence in medical research into stem cells adopts cutting-edge ceramic solutions.

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