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Casa Jiloca - Madrid (E)

A radical conversion project

A 1970s residence located to the north of Madrid has been radically transformed to create a modern home with a neutral, timeless design

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Residential Complex Cedrus Residence - Minusio (Switzerland)

Relaxing by the lake

A luxury holiday complex with elegant and rigorous architecture and a large wellness and spa centre was opened a few months ago in Brioni, a hillside village located in the municipality of Minusio, just outside Locarno in the Ticino canton

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GranRoma Shopping Centre, Rome

A shopping promenade

Light-filled atmospheres coupled with high aesthetic and functional quality materials make for an enjoyable retail experience in a shopping centre in the east of Rome

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Fanuc Headquarters - Lainate (MI)

The new Milanese home of automation excellence

The Milan headquarters of the Japanese automation giant reflects the company's corporate identity, particularly through the choice of high-performance, reliable and versatile materials

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Van Huele offices - Ostend (B)

110 years in the construction industry

Van Huele, a construction company founded in Ostend, Belgium in 1909, works on a wide range of construction and renovation projects ranging from roads, dams and bridges through to residential buildings, churches and offices

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Himera Beach Club Resort - Campofelice di Roccella (PA)

Palm trees on the horizon

A resort on the north coast of Sicily where handcrafted details and elegant design come together to create a luxurious summer retreat

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Lake House private villa - Capitólio (Brazil)

A dream home

A villa with large indoor and outdoor living spaces in Capitólio, Brazil features a swimming pool and fully-equipped spaces for relaxation and comfort

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La Filature office complex - Rouen (F)

A truly illuminated construction

Eye-catching and sustainable, the new offices of the Matmut insurance group are a fascinating addition to the architectural panorama of Rouen

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Aqua Lublin sports complex - Lublind, Poland

An award-winning sports centre

With its arched roof, large glazed façade and astonishing underwater windows, Poland's new Aqua Lublin sports complex is a marvel of architecture

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Tubettificio Pedercini - Coccaglio (BS)

A new image for aluminium pipe maker Tubettificio Pedercini

The project by Roberto Taglietti has expanded and renovated an outdated production complex, giving it greater unity, new spaces and a fresh image

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Don Nippon restaurant - Lissone (Monza e Brianza) Italy

Essential elegance

The Don Nippon Taste restaurant in the Italian town of Lissone adopts an oriental style in an original interpretation of formal purity

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Le Dune Suite Hotel - Porto Cesareo (Lecce) Italy

Like a seagull’s wings

Minimalist elegance, warm sobriety and efficiency are the qualities underpinning a Mediterranean style hotel renovation project

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Giornale di Brescia daily newspaper offices

A balanced approach to the rearrangement of space

Editoriale Bresciana has remodelled its headquarters to shape the space and quality of its work areas around the new requirements of a radically reformed organisational structure

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Private House - Franciacorta (BS)

The charm of Franciacorta

Blending into the landscape of this area of Lombardy famous for its production of still and sparkling wines, a neo-rationalist villa orchestrates a rhapsody of rarefied spaces and designer furnishings brought together harmoniously by the ceramic tiling

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Coworking space - Bruges (B)

A new coworking space

A minimalist, modern interior design exploits cool tones and transparencies to create elegant, distinctive and versatile spaces

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Nuovo Polo Produttivo MTA - Rolo (RE)

A new industrial landscape

MTA's new research and production unit in Rolo (province of Reggio Emilia) marks a fresh start in the heart of the area affected by the Emilia earthquake

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Y-40 the Deep Joy - Montegrotto Terme (PD)

A scuba diver’s paradise

This unique 40 metre deep pool is maintained at a constant temperature of 33°C

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Stayen Stadium - Sint Truiden (B)

A new home for a football team

Home to the club STVV, the recently refurbished Stayen stadium in Belgium is also a multifunctional structure

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Accà Ristopizzaperitivo - Florence

Pizza, ceramics and… imagination

Simplicity, comfort, a fresh young look and a vaguely industrial chic atmosphere are the key ingredients of Accà, a fashionable new eatery in Florence

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Sanitaires: Ceramica Globo
Pietre Gemelle Resort wellness & spa - Riva Valdobbia (Vc)

An enchanting getaway

In one of the most spectacular locations anywhere in the Alps, the Pietre Gemelle resort boasts a wellness centre that combines care for the body with a feast for the eyes

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New Administrative Centre (NAC) - Houthalen-Helchteren (Belgium)

A new administrative centre

In the town of Houthalen-Helchteren in Belgium, the social and administrative services, public library and municipal police station are housed under the same roof - or, to be more precise, under the same roof garden.

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Piazza Falcone e Borsellino - Spezzano (Mo)

Spezzano gets a town centre

The complex made up of the Corte Corsini business centre, the Casa Corsini civic centre and the new Piazza Falcone e Borsellino square give Spezzano the town centre it has always lacked.

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"Martino Martini" Institute - Mezzolombardo (TN)

A school tailored to students

The new "Martino Martini" institute in the northern
Italian town of Mezzolombardo opened in September 2011 in the name of functionality and eco-sustainability

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Centre Sport & Santé - Dorigny-Lausanne (Swiss)

Centre Sport & Santé in Dorigny

Designed to promote health and well-being, this architectural complex achieves compositional simplicity while maintaining a continuous dialogue with the surrounding landscape

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Software Headquarter Facility - Minneapolis (USA)

Software Headquarter Facility

Located in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, the Software Headquarters facility blend discreetly into the natural environment of the suburban site

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Cabel Industry Headquarters - Empoli (Florence)

Nostalgia for the future

The slogan coined by the curator of the Italian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale sums up the characteristics and contents of a successful corporate architecture project in Tuscany.

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Hotel Le Terrazze - Treviso

A new
lease of life for
Le Terrazze

An abandoned concrete structure has been converted into a modern multifunctional centre

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Namus Boutique Restaurant - Seoul (Korea)

Luminous style in the capital city of design

One of Seoul's most fashionable restaurants combines outstanding cuisine with a unique lighting design

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BLA Library, Play Centre, Municipal Archives - Fiorano Modenese (MO)

BLA: a new cultural centre opened in Fiorano Modenese

A modern building clad with a large porcelain tile façade has been constructed in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna ceramic district to house a town library, play centre and municipal archives

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Private Residence - Kona, Hawaii (USA)

A modular home

In Hawaii, looking out over the boundless expanse of the ocean, there's a stunning holiday villa with a citadel structure, winner of the Ceramics of Italy Design Award 2011

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Morgado Lusitano apartment complex - Póvoa de Santa Iria (Portugal)

Living in style

A large apartment complex in Lisbon offers an excellent example of elegance and sustainability.

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Eggenberg swimming complex and spa - Graz (Austria)

An oyster among the treasures of Graz

The new Eggenberg swimming complex and spa in Graz was created to expand the already wide range of services and activities for corporeal and mental well-being offered to residents and visitors by the Austrian city, capital of the green Styria region

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Opera 02 Resort - Levizzano Rangone (MO)

The timeless pleasure of nature

In the hills near Modena, simplicity, restoration and the preservation of traditions are successfully combined in an ecotourism resort with an authentic flavour.

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Aquum Wellness Center - Terragona (Spain)

Aquum Wellness Centre in Tarragona

Eco-friendly materials create an oasis of peace inspired by the sea as part of a process of physical and mental regeneration

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Centro Benessere Mességué / Grand Hotel Savoia

Princely, enchanted…. in short, a place for multisensorial relaxation

Located in the heart of the realm of King Laurin, the Mességué Wellness Centre offers the true luxury of authentic high-quality natural products, even in the interior design

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Building Complex in Via Forze Armate - Milan

Views over the rising city


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Fitness Club GetFIT - Milan

Emotions of body and psyche

From an auto workshop to an emotional wellness space

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Centro Polifunzionale Zamet - Fiume (CRO)

Strips and functional flows

The new Zamet multifunctional centre in Rijeka

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VQ Radisson Sas Residence - Dubai (UAE)

Apartments in Dubai

The appeal and quality of Italian ceramic tiles are the unifying element of the interiors and exteriors of Pier 24

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