Private house - Brescia

Understated sophistication

A fine balance of forms and colours brings an air of contemporary elegance to a private house in the Italian province of Brescia
Simona Storchi
Ceramic surfaces
Year of completion

With its neutral colours and clean design, an elegant private house in the province of Brescia reveals its owner’s taste for detail and balance through a judicious mix of furnishings and coverings.
Like a blank canvas, the flooring of this 250-square-metre house has a natural look inspired by Nordic design. The grey porcelain tile replicates wood and the juxtaposition of different formats gives each area a uniquely warm, contemporary style.
The Wooden Tile collection by Casa dolce casa is perfectly pitched for creating discreet habitats that can be personalised with furnishing complements in bold, original colours. The kitchen island plays a calmly assertive role within the open-plan design, and its dark marble with subtle streaks of white strikes a clear contrast with the white kitchen with black detailing. The stools and sofa are upholstered in white leather, in keeping with the overall design’s preference for natural materials, simple forms and light colours. All the finishings are chrome-plated and strike a daringly designer note against the timeless styling of the surfaces. Pure, intense forms pair up with the functional layout of the space.
The light, bright flooring derives from an exclusive mixing technology called Casablend that yields different results every time. So every piece and every tile is irrepeatable, resulting in a unique geography of forms. The staircase leading to the upper floor looks almost suspended in thin air, and the simple lines of its concrete-grey steps are pure geometry.
The bathroom gets a creative touch too, with its glass mosaic from the Neutra collection by Casamood in the colour Concrete. The walls are decorated with simple geometric lines, but their decisive character, shaped by the interplay of light, remains unmistakable.
The overall balance of the materials and the pairing of neutral and bright colours creates a sophisticated atmosphere that imbues the entire home with a uniquely original and creative feel.

Ceramic surfaces
porcelain stoneware
Wooden Tile
15x120, 20x120 cm

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