Private House - Franciacorta (BS)

The charm of Franciacorta

Blending into the landscape of this area of Lombardy famous for its production of still and sparkling wines, a neo-rationalist villa orchestrates a rhapsody of rarefied spaces and designer furnishings brought together harmoniously by the ceramic tiling
Riccardo Bianchi
Dep Studio
Ceramic surfaces
Year of completion

This is a story of jewels, the first being the location in the heart of one of the most picturesque regions of Lombardy. The rolling hills with their soft woodland and orderly rows of vineyards are dotted with villas and ancient castles, testifying to an age-old anthropological culture that is still alive, rich and fertile. The name of this magical land, all the more unexpected due to the fact that it is just off the main roads, is Franciacorta.
It is here that the second jewel is located, a private villa with a strongly linear, elongated layout designed and built by Giupponi, a well-known company in the province of Brescia. Outside, the crisp volumes and essential two-colour design (white and brown) and the use of pilotis bring to mind the original project by Giuseppe Terragni, one of the fathers of Italian Rationalism, for the Casa del Floricoltore in Como. Likewise, the large sliding windows in the living area looking out onto the swimming pool generate an osmotic continuum between interior and exterior that references Le Corbusier and even more Mies van der Rohe’s American single-family houses. But the construction naturally has a uniquely intense spirit all of its own.
The main body of the building dialogues stylistically with the external patio with swimming pool leading to the garden. In this case the sense of contemporaneity is manifested in the large-format paving tiles from the “Walks/1.0” collection from Floor Gres in the White finish, a choice that was made by the architect “considering the outstanding technical and functional performance of this porcelain tile together with its exceptional green credentials and appealing stone effect”. But after walking past the swimming pool and entering the house, one finds oneself in another kind of patio, this time indoors. The word “patio” seems appropriate due to the minimalist style, large open-plan spaces and rarefied furnishings, as well as the way that the functional areas – conversation area, fireplace area, dining area, kitchen – merge together with the utmost fluidity. The furnishings are classics of modern design, notably the Fjord armchairs created by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso, the Domofocus burnished suspended fireplace from Focus, the low, comfortable sofas, and the Bi-plane dining table designed by Alberto Meda for Alias. The powerful aesthetics are rounded off by a spectacular cantilevered staircase with transparent glass railings and a two-tone colour scheme that references the dual colour of the facade: for lovers of musicals, it is a sophisticated tribute to the films of Fred Astaire and Busby Berkeley. The floor tiles – in this case the “Industrial Magnum” collection, also from Floor Gres – lend harmony and a touch of warmth to the interior design, and are also used in the bathrooms in the sleeping area on the upper floor of the villa. They guarantee quality, beauty and durability.

Ceramic surfaces
porcelain stoneware
40x120, 60x60 cm

porcelain stoneware
120x120, 160x320 cm

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