Bid-on Fashion Store - Fossalta di Portogruaro (VE) - Fossalta di Portogruaro (VE)

Quality reinvents history

Design, innovation, emotion, well-being, energy sustainability and visibility: the new BID ON Fashion store designed by Roberto Drigo is all of this and more
Maria Giulia Zunino
Roberto Drigo, Studio Drigo
Ceramic surfaces
Year of completion

The brand’s history is summed up in the reference to 1938 contained in the company logo, the year when Giovanni Bidon began producing and selling wooden clogs.
The desire to explore new avenues of growth combining footwear production with clothing and event organisation prompted Giovanni’s grandson Angelo and his wife Veronica to adopt a new strategy. Exploiting their close links with the local area and their passion for their work, the first step they took was to build a new store which would meet their need for visibility and innovation.
A turning point in the project came when they met engineer Roberto Drigo, founder of the Drigo consultancy firm in 1980, who was tasked with designing the BID ON Fashion store in Fossalta di Portogruaro (province of Venice).
Amongst the many commercial constructions located along the road to Lignano and Bibione, this building stands out for its sheer quality. A dark grey monolith standing on lightweight white pillars, it subverts the standard stylistic features of this type of architecture and acquires all the dignity of an urban construction. Every detail is designed meticulously, from the joints to the lighting fixtures and furnishings.
The monolith’s external ceramic envelope is rendered particularly dynamic by the metallic coloured joints between the tiles, which have were chosen from the Architecture series from Casalgrande Padana in two sizes and a Dark Grey colour. The tiled surface takes on different degrees of luminosity according to the time of day or night, while the visually-striking punctuated effect of the protruding and recessed fenestration of different shapes and sizes emphasises the relationship between interior and exterior.
The solidity of the upper volume devoted to the commercial area contrasts with the lightness of the ground floor, which has been simplified in terms of both form and function. Consisting of just a few organic elements (the glazed entrance surrounded by water flowing from two fountains; the windows cut out from the walls of the store; the elliptically shaped bar), it serves as a kind of covered square where meetings, fashion shows and events can be held.
Moving the large showroom away from the road creates a sense of expectation amongst customers and the sensation of taking part in a ritual, a feeling that becomes even stronger inside the monolithic volume itself.
Elements that contribute to the welcoming atmosphere include the Warm Grey coloured ceramic tiles from Casalgrande Padana’s Architecture series, branching tree-like columns and a skilful mix of artificial and natural light with windows that look out onto the surrounding sky, countryside and built fabric. The unusual circular product layout rejects normal hierarchies and creates an element of surprise, inducing shoppers to stop and take a closer look.
Alongside its focus on innovation and emotionally and visually engaging aspects, the building also displays the characteristics that are typical of all good architecture. One of the most important of these is care for the environment, which is achieved through the use of ventilated façades and ceramic tile, an eco-friendly material with outstanding aesthetic qualities.

Ceramic surfaces
Granitogres Architecture
porcelain stoneware
Dark Grey, Warm Grey
60x60, 60x120 cm

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