Gulskogen Kjøpesenter Shopping Mall - Drammen (Norway) - Drammen (Norvegia)

Gulskogen Kjøpesenter Shopping Mall in Drammen

A new shopping mall in Norway exploits the aesthetic qualities of ceramic tiles to organise pedestrian routes and flows
Alessandra Coppa
Arkitektkontoret Nils Tveit AS
Ceramic surfaces
Year of completion

The Gulskogen shopping mall project in Norway created by the architectural firm Arkitektkontoret Nils Tveit AS displays particular attention to interior spaces conceived as covered or open squares, fundamental elements of an idealised urban fabric. The galleries and malls were designed like commercial streets, everywhere illuminated from above by natural and artificial light.
The light is used to design and differentiate the spaces through various modes of perception.
It is envisaged as a valuable resource (considering that the Mall is located in Norway) and is used to define the interiors of the building, making them pleasant and liveable in terms of both their internal routes and those that connect to the outside environment. The light is carefully filtered and screened so as to be comfortable all year round and to create a directional effect on the walkways. Like a big eye, the large central light well serves as a focal point and a hub for the entire composition.
All the materials used in the shopping mall were chosen for their environmental friendly qualities but at the same time taking into account the most contemporary technological innovations so as to create a warm and essential space.
Special attention has also been given to the reorganisation of pedestrian routes and flows outside the building in relation to its surroundings. The paving design reflects the roofs with imagination and elegance.
Ceramiche Caesar supplied the tiles for the Gulskogen shopping mall, consisting of around 8,000 square metres of porcelain tile from the Tecnolito collection laid on the two floors of the gallery. The resultant installation achieves very clean and functional styling.
Ceramic floor tiles are ideal in shopping malls for indicating routes while performing a decorative function and at the same time fully exploiting their outstanding wear resistance.
The Tecnolito collection includes porcelain floor tiles that are solid, homogeneous and vitrified throughout their entire thickness, and composed of a very fine mixture of high-quality clays. The Tecnolito collection in the Perla matt grey colour was chosen for this shopping mall. This project used the 30×60 cm size, which together with the new colours and the new 60×60 cm size, offered a wealth of combinations ideally suited to the changing fashions of contemporary architecture. The production of each piece in a single calibre regardless of colour, surface and format also allows for installation with a very narrow grout joint and offers the possibility of combining different sizes and finishes.

Ceramic surfaces
Caesar, Tecnolito series
porcelain stoneware
Perla, matt (light grey)
30x60 cm

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