Citizen Kofi Entertainment Centre - Accra (Ghana) - Accra (Ghana)

Accra Citizen Kofi Entertainment Centre

Built according to remarkably innovative standards, this prestigious centre contributes to improving Ghana's position within the international tourist industry
Santino Limonta
Elvis Awuni
Interior Designer
Carla Baratelli (Studio Asia)
Year of completion

Accra is Ghana’s crowded capital city. With its rather messy urban layout and pleasantly chaotic social life, it looks out onto the Gulf of Guinea. Osu is the main tourist area, not far from the Arts Centre – a reference point for local craftsmen – and from Liberation Square. The entire area is livened up by a variety of hotels, restaurants and discotheques. Exactly here, on sixth street off Oxford Street, local entrepreneur Kofi Amoah built his innovative Citizen Kofi Entertainment Centre, entirely dedicated to leisure and entertainment. Through the eyes of a Westerner, its deco profile may at first sight elicit perplexity, while the interior reflects the imagination and creativity of the designer and is surprisingly daring, luxurious, sophisticated, warm and contemporary. In designing the Citizen Kofi Centre, Carla Baratelli focused on the essence of human nature and made a clear reference to the four primordial elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water. The spaces of the centre extend over five floors – the sixth and last one hosting apartments – and are all different, although united by a common denominator: Italian products with all their excellence. The ground floor hosts various lounges and the Accra Bar, where guests can sit and enjoy a drink after a long working day or on weekends. The spiral stairway provides changing light and colours. In the Club discotheque on the second and third floors, the VIP lounge built as a mezzanine meets guests’ desire for privacy without necessarily cutting them off from the liveliness of the dance floor or of the bar. Creativity and imagination find expression here in the brightness of colours and a variety of luminous effects, perfectly in keeping with the inspiring idea of Fire. The 100-seat concert room is located on the fourth floor next to the Sport Bar with its harmonious blend of marble, stones, wood and glass. Right above the concert room, the sober and elegant Zango Restaurant is perhaps Citizen Kofi’s most attractive feature. The wide glass window extending across the four walls offers a spectacular view of Accra. The inspiration to the element of Air is also reflected in the two dominant colours, white and gold. The Sky Bar is on the same floor. The terrace, whose aesthetic features recall the colours typical of this country, offers a stunning view as far as the ocean. The atmosphere surrounding the space is achieved substantially through the concomitant use of Trend ceramic tiles and other materials. The floor and wall tiles used on the bar counters consist predominantly of agglomerate tile from the Cristallino collection, enhanced on the ground floor by Glamour glass inserts illuminated by optical fibres and in the discotheque by Glamour mosaics. The dance floor columns are clad with Vitreo and Brillante mosaics, while the bar columns feature Vitreo and Aureo mosaics with a thin 24kt gold leaf.

Ceramic surfaces
Trend, Cristallino - Lux - Vitreo - Brillante - Glamour - Karma - Aureo series, Swarovski mosaics

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