Banca di Credito Cooperativo Headquarter - Scandiano (Reggio Emilia) - Scandiano (RE)

A high-performance headquarters

Functionality, aesthetics and environmental awareness were the design principles behind the new building
Santino Limonta
Studio Dallari Associati
Ceramic surfaces
Year of completion

The new Scandiano headquarters of the Credito Cooperativo Reggiano bank marks the culmination of a journey that began twenty-three years ago when the first CCR branch was opened in San Giovanni di Querciola. The bank now has nine operational branches with a further two due to open soon. The architectural project devised by the practice Ingegneri Associati Dallari-Fregni consisted of two parts: remodelling of a building specially purchased by CCR but currently not suitable for use as a bank, and construction of a car park. The work extended over the entire building and involved consolidation and complete renovation of the floors, wall coverings, doors and windows, mechanical systems, burglar alarms, lighting and electrical systems. Sustainability and low running costs are ensured by two cogenerators that produce electricity under a net metering scheme and installation of an up/down counter. At a structural level, seismic performance was improved by strengthening the floors, integrating new roof beams, aligning windows vertically, constructing a connecting foundation slab and reinforcing the basement openings with metal strips. Much care was devoted to the design of the external envelope, which serves to ensure optimal energy performance (in both winter and summer) and to project an appropriate image for the bank. For this purpose, several rows of solar screens were installed together with a curtain wall façade with hidden couplings, clad with porcelain tiles from Ceramiche Caesar (More series, colours Lux-bianco and Eclypse-antracite). The structure’s distinctive look together with the large-format ceramic tiles in contrasting white and anthracite grey colours give the building outstanding technical and aesthetic qualities. The total floor space of the renovated building is 2,048 square metres, distributed over four above-ground floors and one basement. The interiors have been planned according to homogeneous areas, taking account of the specific needs of the various administrative and managerial functions. Although CCR already had a branch in Scandiano, part of the ground floor was set up as a branch office. The basement floor was used to accommodate a conference room, the catering areas for employees and the technical rooms. Part of the ground floor and the entire first floor house the administrative offices. The management offices are located on the second floor and the boardroom on the third. The exterior spaces have also undergone meticulous study in order to integrate the building effectively into its context and to clearly identify the accesses both from the main façade and on the side facing onto Via Pellegrini. Last but not least, a water pool located at the base of the curved north elevation symbolises the values of clarity and transparency espoused by the bank.

Ceramic surfaces
Caesar, More series
porcelain stoneware
Lux (White), Eclypse (anthracite gray)
60x120 cm

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