Laminam’s new international record rewards the natural aspect and superior quality of its surfaces. It has become the first manufacturer of ceramic slabs in the world to obtain “Solid Surfacing for Food Zone” certification. No longer “Ceramic Solid Surfacing for Splash Zone”: the NSF – American National Standard for Food Equipment, the most prestigious independent organisation for the certification of food zone products in the private and commercial restaurant sector in the US and Canada, has now authorised the use of Laminam finishes as surfaces intended for direct contact with foodstuffs, and any associated liquid condensate they produce.

The certification confirms that Laminam finishes sold in 1620 x 3240 mm size for the purpose of manufacture as kitchen countertops meet all North American regulatory requirements with regard to an absence of heavy metals, ease of cleaning, and resistance to acid corrosion. All of which are hallmarks of the Italian multinational’s surfaces, which are also resistant to heat, scratches, deep abrasions, and UV rays, as well as being intrinsically antibacterial and able to inhibit the formation of microorganisms.

Tests carried out by accredited external labs on Laminam surfaces just off the production line have shown the elimination of microbes, bacteria and mould of up to 93%. For those wanting more than the already impressive performance offered by the standard slabs, Laminam also offers additional Ambience bio-active treatments, which can be applied to most of its catalogue products. These reduce the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew on its surfaces (thereby eliminating the unpleasant odours they produce) by up to 99.9%, break down pollutants present in the air (by releasing oxygen), and make horizontal and vertical surfaces even easier to clean.

NSF certification is yet another goal of excellence achieved thanks to the staff of Laminam’s Quality Management office. By liaising with authoritative international institutions, it is constantly engaged in the pursuit of product certifications which demonstrate the superior quality of Laminam surfaces and the natural aspect of the raw materials used to make them, with a view to sustainability across the board. The results with which Laminam slabs pass stringent international tests are a reflection of the highest quality standards and of their supreme safety in a variety of applications: exterior façades, flooring and cladding, kitchen countertops and tabletops.