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Projects by REX made in FLORIM CERAMICHE S.p.A. SB

Ottica Dragoni - Terni

Elegance from every angle

Ottica Dragoni combines the technical requirements of an eye clinic with the aesthetic qualities of an upscale boutique thanks to an interior design project that juxtaposes marble-effect ceramic tiles with traditional walnut panelling

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Toddlers Primary School - Formigine (MO)

Educational architecture and design

An outstanding example of school architecture in the province of Modena enriches children's learning experience

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Ramonda Hotel - Rtanj (Serbia)

Architecture is a flower

The project for the Ramonda Hotel in Serbia chooses not to imitate nature but to harness its energy. Its logo is a flower that always comes back to life

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Hotel Central - Plzeň (Czech Rep.)

Echoes of the past: the teachings of Adolf Loos live on

The spirit of the early 20th-century architect comes back to life in the restoration of a magnificent Bohemian hotel

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"Interno_NM.18" private home - Naples

Spatial choreography

In one of Naples' most exclusive neighbourhoods, the project by Nicola Liguori - winner of the 2020 INARC award in the young architects category for social housing - adopts interesting architectural solutions to ensure that the extraordinary surroundings become an integral part of the apartment owned by a young professional

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Boutique Home Taiwan

Life in the social media age

In Taiwan, a young KOL ("key opinion leader") couple from the social media generation were in search of a home they could use to share every moment of their lives with their thousands of Instagram followers

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Le Dortoir Hotel - Nice (France)

City-centre suites in Nice

Le Dortoir, a luxury B&B consisting of nine suites each with a distinctive, customised interior design, is a new high-end property on the Côte d'Azur

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Kaori Japanese Restaurant - Varedo (MB)

An evocation of the East

In the Kaori Japanese Restaurant, opened in Varedo in late 2018, each element is designed to interact with the light and create a play of visual references and allusions

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Villa Hamptons - New York (USA)

A luxury villa in the Hamptons

A project combining architecture, landscape and interior design in a luxury residence

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Decameron Clubhouse Odessa (Ukraine)

An oasis of relaxation in Odessa

Designed in an Italian style by architect Nunzio Da Vià, Decameron Clubhouse Odessa is a perfect hospitality venue

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Therme Laa - Laa an der Thaya, Austria

Silent Spa, a location devoted to the cult of water

A spa in southern Austria allows guests to restore body and mind in the silence of a cloister-like sauna.

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Hotel Sofitel Cerretani - Florence

Florentine hospitality

Age-old splendour and contemporary luxury come together in Florence's old city centre

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Quintessentially Milanese

Elegant, stylish, sometimes modern, sometimes classical, often surprising: these epithets apply equally to the city of Milan and to the new lobby of the well-established Milan Hilton. You can take an architect's word for it!

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Puma Store - Herzogenaurach (D)

A question of sport

The Puma Store between physical movement and digital technology

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SNEF Sports Centre - Erba (Como)

A cradle of well-being

Compatibility is the keynote of the SNEF sports centre. The architecture blends in perfectly with the beautiful setting of the Lambro Valley and is designed specifically for the sports and wellness activities practiced by guests while adopting techniques and materials that ensure virtuous energy management

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Starbucks Central Embassy - Bangkok (Thailand)

Thai Landmark

Located within the former gardens of the British Embassy on Bangkok's main shopping street, Ploenchit Road, Central Embassy is an ultra-luxury shopping mall with a futuristic aluminium façade inspired by ancient Thai temples

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Malpensa Airport Restrooms - Milan

The high standards of Italian design

The functional and elegant new restroom in Terminal 1 of Milan Malpensa airport comes up to the exacting standards of the shopping gallery restyling project

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Relaxxi Rest Home - Noale (Venice)

Putting people first

A rest home organised into individual housing units to cater for different levels of user needs

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Dolci Luxury Taste Bar - Milan

A feast for the eyes and the palate

The Dolci Luxury Taste pastry shop stands out for its curved lines, bright colours, screen-printed mirrors... and of course delicious home-made pastries

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Carnival Palace - Venice

Traditional meets modern

A sophisticated renovation for a four-star hotel in Venice combines the beauty of the past with contemporary functionality

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Number One Traveller Lounge Gatwick Airport - London (UK)

High-class waiting areas

The No. 1 Traveller Lounge at Gatwick Airport offers customers a unique pre-flight experience, combining airy, well-designed spaces with the use of striking and elegant materials.

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Palazzo Strozzi - Florence

A non-invasive renovation project

The Strozzina, the underground gallery in Palazzo Strozzi devoted to contemporary art exhibitions, has been repaved with large-format tiles installed over the existing floor

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Centro Fitness Gymnica - Ovada (AL)

Besides sport, a haven for relaxation

A club in Ovada, Piedmont offers an outstanding proposal for all-round wellness

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Centro Fitness Extraspa - Fano (PU)

Wellness project

The Extraspa Fitness Centre in Fano explores the concept of wellness using a palette of materials and colours with strong tonal harmony

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Sanitaryware: Ceramica Flaminia