Wind Store - Parma - Parma

Wind Store chooses tech fashion ceramic

Carlo Paganelli
Studio Crea International
Ludovico Aloi

Earth, Fire, Water and Air: ceramic tiles have an ancient soul but are able to adapt to modern times and play a key role in furnishing spaces for the sale of hi-tech products such as mobile telephones. Chosen for their reliability and strong appeal, porcelain tiles from the Open Spaces series from Edilcuoghi Ceramiche were used for the floor covering of the new Wind Store. The growing commercial success of mobile telephony has led to a rapid proliferation of mobile phone stores in recent years. Initially lacking in individual character and distinctive aesthetic properties that set each brand apart, mobile phone stores have rapidly evolved to become spaces with a strong identity, projecting an image of modernity and technological innovation and above all using colours and shapes that reflect the brand image. A coordinated image project conducted by the design firm Crea International has assured the Wind Store outlets greater recognition and a strong Wind Telecomunicazioni brand identity.
A meticulously designed modular layout characterised by simple shapes with a strong impact has enabled the tech fashion project to overcome the difficulties involved in installing standardised furniture items in spaces of highly varied size and shape. This ensures that brand image remains consistent across all stores, from the most essential to the largest and most complex spaces. A key graphic element of the Wind store is the continuous orange band that runs around the entire perimeter, symbolising the uninterrupted flow of telephone communication. Sinuous and strongly dynamic shapes contribute to creating a space that harmonises well with mobile telephone technology and broadband Internet access. The floor created using the Edilcuoghi Open Spaces collection stands out for the tile’s large format and artisanal soft trowelled cement-like surface. This creates non-standard spaces capable of delivering the added value that today makes all the difference and enhances the identity of high-quality commercial ambiences. Located in the Centro Torri shopping centre in Parma, the Wind Store was designed by AQ Architetti Associati, the firm commissioned to apply the design concept created by Crea International throughout the whole of Italy. For this purpose, the furnishings and the layout of the product communication areas will be chosen on a case by case basis according to the characteristics of the specific space.

60x60 cm

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