Therme Laa - Laa an der Thaya (Austria)

Silent Spa, a location devoted to the cult of water

A spa in southern Austria allows guests to restore body and mind in the silence of a cloister-like sauna.
Holzbauer & Partner

In an atmosphere reminiscent of a place of worship, water takes the place of honour in this „monastery“. It is the purifying element celebrated by the architecture, with silence as its essence. The town of Laa an der Thaya is home to Austria’s first luxury day spa, an exclusive, almost sacred space devoted to relaxation and well-being. Inside, a cloister-like sauna with garden organised around a ten-metre-high octagonal central tower with oriental fretwork and ornamentation offers guests the opportunity for rest and contemplation they need to restore physical and spiritual vigour.
Sophisticated, tasteful colours and rarefied atmospheres provide an all-round immersive experience. Owned by Vamed Vitaly World, a company specialising in health and wellness centres, Silent Spa – located in the lush southern part of Austria – can accommodate up to 160 guests and is directly connected to the eponymous hotel.
The spa has a layout consisting of four ellipses centred around the ornamental tower, and features aquatic areas, fountains with waterfalls, relaxation areas, relaxing pools, sauna, treatment area, cloakrooms and a restaurant.
Guests who prefer to enjoy the sun and open air can make an online booking for a sunbed in the spa’s garden. On arrival, they are given a tablet for browsing the internet, listening to music and watching films.
Designed by the Holzbauer & Partner firm of architects, „the Silent Spa has reinvented wellness and created a place that promotes a new concept of health“, explained Vamed’s marketing director, Gerhard Gucher. The focus of this spa is on the power generated by the contemplation of silence, meditation and the special thaumaturgic contact with water.
The owners wanted the surface coverings to underscore this philosophy and create a positive ambiance. With this in mind, the architects chose La Roche, a densely stratified French-style stone by Rex (Florim Group) in the colour ecru. This porcelain tile is also available in magnum sizes, creating spaces with a powerful sense of luxury and well-being.
Here more than anywhere, the surfaces represent the relationship between man and nature. The combination of architecture, design, water and light envelops visitors in search of relaxation and emotions. Amber niches, silence rooms and cisterns are the areas devoted to regeneration of the body and mind.

La Roche
40x80, 60x120 cm

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