Omnia Center Multiplex - Prato (PO) - Italy

More than just a cinema

A multifunctional centre in Prato houses hyper-technological film theatres along with a wide range of shops.
Elena Pasoli
Giometti Group

All-round entertainment is the concept underlying the Multiplex Omnia Center in the Tuscan city of Prato, a more than 20,000 square metre complex built by Giometti Group, a major player in the field of cinema construction.
This futuristic glass and steel building with its two above-ground floors and basement car park hosts fourteen hi-tech halls, all set up for digital and 3D screening, as well as a range of restaurants, a shopping centre and a large sports centre run by the Virgin chain.
The architectural project stands out for its extraordinary versatility and combination of elegance and technology, style and functionality. The resulting structure has a strong visual impact and conveys to visitors the idea of the future, offering a promise of the cutting-edge technologies that are to be found here, almost – to use the language of the cinema – a „special effects“ message.
An abundance of steel and glass panelling, with external walkways that soften the impact of the structure, welcome the public into this space where the primary activity of cinema-going is complemented by other functions to become a place for longer-stay socialisation. Visitors are invited to explore a variety of routes characterised by soft, luminous colours that delineate large spaces of great breadth and perspective.
The warmth conveyed by the interiors, the colour choices and the layouts that are rendered intuitive by the compositional solutions adopted for the floors make the Omnia Center an extremely pleasant and user-friendly entertainment centre. An important contribution to the design and multi-functionality of the centre is made by the Valentino and Piemmegres series ceramic tiles from Ceramiche Piemme, used in various types and sizes in the common areas, in the numerous restaurants, in the shopping spaces and in the exteriors of the adjacent Virgin sports facility.
The versatility and elegance of the porcelain tiles and their ability to adapt to the different design choices while maintaining their personality and character are clearly evident in this centre, where striking colours and unusual combinations of materials are enhanced by a natural and reassuring background. The overall floor plan is essentially regular with large corridors and distribution and waiting areas marked by coloured lines on the floors, lending dynamism to the perception and use of the spaces.
The wide range of shops and restaurants and the overall variety of offerings are reflected in the architecture, which creates a sense of movement, cheerfulness, conviviality and surprise. In short, the project translates all aspects of entertainment in architectural terms, but maintains a watchful gaze to ensure that the building’s functions are performed successfully. The entire project maintains a strong focus on flow dynamics, from the 35,000 square metres of car parks to the rational placement of entrances and exits and the compatibility of the air conditioning systems, making this a successful example of intelligent architecture.

Superfici Ceramiche
60x60 - 30x60 cm

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