Wormland store - Nuremberg (Germany)

Fashion and trends in Nuremberg

Wormland is a go-to store for metropolitan style menswear.
Blocher Partners

The Wormland men’s clothing store in Nuremberg, a sophisticated and elegant concept store spanning several floors, adopts an understated, essential total look. The grey surface coverings envelop the spaces, shaping them with natural appeal and a touch of metropolitan severity.
The iconic German fashion entrepreneur Theo Wormland opened the first Wormland store back in 1935. Today the 15 stores located in 11 different cities are a point of reference in the world of men’s style and fashion. Opened this year and named „store of the year“ by the German Retail Association, the chain’s latest store stocks a combination of emerging and established brands in large fusion-style spaces. The designers from the Stuttgart-based practice Blocher Partners, who had previously worked on other Wormland stores, were given a free slate in designing the structure of the Nuremberg location given that the CentrO industrial building in which the store is located was undergoing expansion.
The Timeless ceramic tile collection from Cerim was chosen to cover the floors and shelving in this 1,600 square metre city-centre store. The four floors extending over a total height of 17 metres (and an effective height of 11 metres) contain unique and original large spaces with high ceilings where the fashion garments blend in perfectly with the design elements.
The walls recall the external surfaces of the Gasometer Oberhausen, a symbolic location of industrial archaeology, giving the store vintage appeal and creating a link with the German region’s past.
For the surfaces the architects chose the colour Ceppo di Grè, a natural grey tone that harmonises easily and elegantly with all the spaces, allowing their creativity to emerge on every floor of the store. The floor coverings consist of a mixture of wood, concrete and steel in tribute to the location’s origins.
From the ground floor to the top floor, with its ceiling reminiscent of the New York skyline, the entire building serves as a showcase for men’s clothing.
The city and industrial area merge and reflect each other in terms of materials and forms, the ceilings being mostly windowed and the clothes racks made of metal. In marked contrast to the two main colours of the store, grey and brown, the 33 dressing rooms feature bright colours reflected by oversized mirrors that inject vitality into the atmosphere.
In keeping with the idea of shopping as an urban experience, graffiti by the young street artist Julian Vogel and large LED backlit photographs accompany customers along the escalators and through the large display spaces.
Each floor in the store offers a variation on the basic design theme of the entire structure. On the ground floor, suspended steel elements and large concrete cubes and polygons serve as display surfaces, enhancing the raw, industrial look. The most eye-catching feature on the first floor is a steel structure framed by a concrete cube that serves to suspend the clothes above the floor. On the second floor the display space is divided up by self-supporting walls that create original perspectives, and it also features a spacious coffee lounge. The cubic shelving and floors are clad with one of Florim’s most iconic collections of ceramic tiles, a material that stands out for its timeless simplicity and elegance.

Ceppo di Grè
60x120 cm

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