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Einstein Kaffee, the right place any time of day

Elena Pasoli

Set in the heart of Saxony, the city of Dresden offers a perfect blend of architecture and landscape and is considered an artwork in its own right. Due to its location on the Elbe River, whose valley was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dresden is also known as the „Florence on the Elbe“ and is renowned for its art collections and its magnificent Renaissance, Baroque and classical architecture. A stroll through the old town centre offers scenes of rare beauty, stunning views from the bridges and glimpses of intertwining architecture, where the contemporary fabric maintains a strong connection with the past. In spite of the severe damage caused by bombing during the Second World War, many of the original buildings are still standing and are counterbalanced by modern-day architectural projects, such as the central station restoration by Sir Norman Foster and the expansion of the military history museum by Daniel Libeskind.
The city’s extraordinarily vibrant culture and cosmopolitan appeal are in evidence everywhere in the streets and fashionable neighbourhoods. But the magnificent old town also offers an impressive range of continuously renewed proposals, with constantly expanding retail and hospitality spaces.
One of the most significant new additions in recent months is Einstein Kaffee, a branch of the Berlin-based chain famous in Germany for its many flavours of coffee and the high quality of its cuisine.
Located close to one of the major landmarks of Dresden’s city centre, the Altmarktgalerie, the café can be recognised from a distance for its distinctive brown logo featuring a steaming cup of coffee and its rigorous style and clean windows overlooking a welcoming outdoor porch area with wood and steel tables and chairs.
The interior is dominated by a cultured, classical style with meticulously crafted details such as porcelain lamps with handmade designs, leather armchairs and the more than eight metre long visually striking counter, finished in rough oak with a Noir Saint Laurent marble top.
A perfect backdrop to the entire space is provided by the Neutra series porcelain floor tiles from Casa dolce casa’s Casamood collection, a series inspired by Richard Neutra, a Viennese architect who worked with Frank Lloyd Wright in the United States. The distinctive features of his work – the strict geometry, airy structures and a colour palette that enhances the scale of the spaces – are in full evidence in this coffeehouse, where the floor coverings chosen in the colours Carbone and Tortora are in keeping with the character of the entire project.
Einstein Kaffee is not only an area for relaxation. Also famed for its pastries, the café offers a meticulous and elegant selection of coffees and aromas available to take home. Next to and behind the work counter, the cleanly styled and discreet shelves and glass cabinets provide a splendid showcase for the coffeehouse’s offerings.

Superfici Ceramiche
60x60 cm

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