SNEF Sports Centre - Erba (CO)

A cradle of well-being

Compatibility is the keynote of the SNEF sports centre. The architecture blends in perfectly with the beautiful setting of the Lambro Valley and is designed specifically for the sports and wellness activities practiced by guests while adopting techniques and materials that ensure virtuous energy management
Donatella Bollani
Studio Arching

The goal of the project by Studio Arching was to modernise the facilities of the existing sports centre and to build a new swimming centre.
One key aspect of the project was the attention to its location, the Parco della Valle del Lambro nature reserve renowned for its large meadows and woodland.
The compactness and linearity of the building is emphasised by a number of elements designed to highlight both form and function. To limit the height of the building, flat roofs were adopted for the side and entrance blocks while the curved roof of the central building, occupied by the main swimming pool, was maintained as a single distinctive element.
The entrance space in particular is distinguished by the difference in height, the use of a canopy roof, the large windows and the choice of finishing materials.
Thanks to its unity of composition and formal simplicity, the overall project maintains a sense of lightness and transparency, an unobtrusive presence and a sensation of visual continuity towards the mountains to the north while allowing the landscape to penetrate inside the building.
The basement houses the changing rooms, the storerooms and the plant rooms for the swimming pools.
The ground floor accommodates all the main functional areas: the entrance, the reception with a view of the large internal pool, the bar and restaurant, the smaller pools and changing rooms, the wellness area and the summer changing rooms.
The smaller training and leisure pool area and the wellness area and their respective changing rooms feature a flat roof, large perimeter windows and a south-facing arcade.
The wellness area includes a hot spa, several relaxation areas, a thermarium with saline bath, changing rooms and service areas, as well as an open pergola on the east side.
The summer changing rooms, accessible from the internal distribution corridor, also open onto the external area and host the service areas for the outdoor pools.
The first floor features a spacious terrace and a balcony facing onto the large pool.
The swimming centre facilities also include an outdoor summer pool, divided into various zones (swimming lanes, water slides, children’s play area), a large green area and a solarium.
During the design phase, Studio Arching worked hard on research and on choosing advanced new technologies for minimising the energy requirements of the entire complex, focusing on both energy production and management.
In particular they wanted to ensure that the techniques, elements and materials adopted in the project would be compatible with rational use of resources. Ardoise and Taiga porcelain tiles from Rex were used for the spa and swimming pool areas.
The colours of these ceramic floor and wall tiles are inspired by both wood and stone, using different finishes to create striking combinations of new and recycled elements.
This high-performance porcelain tile ensures high aesthetic quality, visual continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces, and wear and slip resistance.

Ardoise + Taiga
Blanc, Gris, Vinter
40x80 (ardoise) 15x90 (taiga)

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