VIB Offices - A Neuburg an der Donau (Germany)

A building close to nature on the banks of the river Danube

The new VIB AG headquarters in Neuburg an der Donau stands out for its interaction between interior and exterior, dynamism, luminosity and integration with nature
Santino Limonta
Thomas Koy
Reimann Architecture

New property development and the purchase and management of existing real-estate make up the core business of VIB Vermögen AG, whose portfolio includes logistics, industrial, commercial and service properties selected according to strict ethical, aesthetic and functional criteria. These were the very same principles laid down by VIB for the construction of its iconic new headquarters. A powerful interaction between interiors and exteriors, dynamism, light and integration with nature were the key aspects of the conceptual project drawn up by the firm Reimann Architecture. Consisting of two wings and a central volume with three above-ground floors, the 3,000-square-metre building stands on a green site not far from the town of Neuburg an der Donau in Bavarian Germany. Bordering with patches of thick forest that extend as far as the banks of the Danube, it is an area of outstanding natural interest and beauty. Given the location, the architect decided to design a building with minimalist architecture and ample fenestration to allow it to integrate seamlessly into the landscape. „A building connected perfectly with nature“ was how the firm of architects described it. The clean lines of the façades and the large floor-to-ceiling windows that cut transversally across the elevations suggest continuity between interior and exterior. The entrance located on the ground floor of the central volume leads into a large foyer that serves as a reception space and as a horizontal connecting area between the two office wings. It also houses the lifts and stairs connecting the three floors, most notably the sculptural staircase with its solid steel structure, smoked oak steps and visually-strikingly cantilevered bend. Dynamism, luminosity and transparency are the concepts that emerge most clearly from the interior design. Reinterpreting the open space layout, glass walls are used to separate work groups and isolate service areas while allowing the occupants to gaze out at nature from any work station. Strategically placed panes of glass and mirrors reflect and refract the abundant natural light and outdoor scenery, generating ever-changing kaleidoscopic effects. Appealing aesthetic contrasts are created by the combined use of high-quality materials such as polished solid brass, lacquered glass, matt walnut wood, black Fenix surfaces and customised textiles. But an even greater sense of dynamism derives from the polygonal angularity of the custom furnishings and the sophisticated asymmetry of the LED strip ceiling lighting which contrasts with the ceramic floor slabs. The material chosen for the flooring was Pietre/3 collection porcelain tiles from Casa dolce casa – Casamood (made in Florim) in the colour Limestone Coal and eight different sizes (from 30×60 cm to 80×180 cm), which were skilfully mixed during installation and interspersed with different kinds of inserts.

Limestone Coal
30x60 - 40x80 - 60x120 - 60x60 - 80x180 - 80x80 cm

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