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Ganni Stores in NY and LA - USA

Scandi-chic with a Mediterranean touch

This is the stylistic mix adopted for the two new US showrooms recently opened by Copenhagen-based clothing brand Ganni. The project combined a careful choice of materials with cheerful, lively colours in keeping with the brand's signature style while maintaining Scandinavian tradition and green credentials

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Club Charlie - Berlin

A New Life

In Berlin, a place with a grim past has been reinvented with colourful design and natural spaces

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Waterbeat Society Gym - Milan

The first hydrospinning centre in Italy

A trendy location in the heart of Milan combining water-based exercise and wellness.

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Italia&Amore Restaurant, Market and Wine shop - Bolzano

A gastronomic store and restaurant in Bolzano

The synaesthesia between food and cooking provided the inspiration for this renovation and expansion project in an 18th century building in the centre of Bolzano

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Private apartment - Kiev (Ukraine)

Child’s play

The interior design firm Fateeva Design made good use of the technical and aesthetic qualities of ceramic tiles in an apartment renovation project in central Kiev, Ukraine.

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Coop Firenze shopping centres - Tuscany

New look for Coop’s Tuscan shopping centres

The Coop's refurbished shopping centres in Siena, Poggibonsi, Castelfiorentino, Borgo San Lorenzo and Agliana are all signed by Milanese architects Lombardini22, who also set new general guidelines for refurbishing and upgrading the Coop's structures and image.

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Limoncello Rooms Bed & Breakfast - Salerno, Italy

A Mediterranean hideaway

The Limoncello Rooms Bed & Breakfast in Salerno uses ceramic and other media to paint itself in the colours of sunshine and citrus fruit

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Room Mate Giulia Hotel - Milan

Room Mate Giulia, the new „design hotel“ by Patricia Urquiola

This highly original hotel is located only a stone's throw from the Vittorio Emanuele II gallery and Milan cathedral. Guests enjoy the use of 85 rooms, a spa, a relaxation area and a fitness centre, all finished in a modern yet vintage interpretation of Milan's great design tradition

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Mini Loft - Milan

A mini-loft full of surprises

A miracle! A young Milanese architect has squeezed into just 15 square metres everything you could possibly need to live: kitchen, table, bed, shower and wardrobe. It's all a matter of fit!ssss

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Villaverde Hotel & Resort Wellness SPA & Golf - Fagagna (UD)

A resort in harmony with nature

The characteristics of the local landscape have inspired the design of the Villaverde Hotel & Resort Wellness Spa & Golf in Fagagna

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Little Shoes shop - Barcelona (E)

Little Shoes in Barcelona guides children’s first steps

Opened in 2015 to a design by Nábito architects, the children's footwear store has a luminous, uncluttered style in which everything is made with its young customers in mind

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Private residence - Paris (F)

At home on the Rive Gauche

A roomy, luminous Parisian apartment in a 19th century building has been chosen by a fashion designer and art collector as her new home in the French capital.

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Complesso scolastico - Capellen (L)

Having fun at school

A new school campus built in the town of Capellen, Luxemburg is experimenting with innovative educational architecture designed to make learning fun. Starting out from the cheerful and highly functional ceramic tiles

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Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa - Jesolo (VE)

Miami Art Deco comes back to life in a Jesolo five star hotel

In the heart of the Veneto coast, a fascinating luxury hotel welcomes its guests with the Thirties and Forties style of Miami

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Residenza privata - Torino

A very modern classic

An apartment in Turin invents rigorous spaces and volumes in a homage to rationalist architecture and metaphysical painting. But without renouncing strong, broad colours. Starting in the bathroom

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Aquapark - Uherské Hradiště (Rep. Ceca)

Fragments of sky blue

Water surfaces and ceramic waves create a multicoloured floor covering in the swimming, leisure and relaxation areas of the Uherské HradištE water park

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"Centro Sicilia" Shopping Centre Iperspar - Catania

Shopping in the shadow of Mount Etna

Built near Catania, the "Centro Sicilia" shopping centre is an eloquent example of the power of modern architecture

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Railway station - Sopot (Poland)

Ceramic tile makes a stylish comeback

The remodelling project for the old Sopot railway station

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Casa dei Bambini Montessori school - Milan

Colours for growth

The design of the new Casa dei Bambini (Children's House) in Milan, a Montessori school in which education starts with the built environment, is based on the use of colour

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Office building Metrocomplex - Milano

A metropolitan style

A business complex in Milan combines a piazza with office spaces

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Paediatric Unit Cittiglio Hospital - Cittiglio (VA)

An archipelago of colour in Milan

The New Cittiglio Paediatric Unit breaks out of the mould of the classic hospital ward

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Soweto Theatre - Johannesburg (ZA)

The pride and joy of Soweto

Designed by young architects from the local practice Afritects, the Soweto Theatre carries on the great theatrical and musical tradition of South Africa

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Camper Stores - Genoa, London, Glasgow

Camper Stores by Tomás Alonso

The personal style of the young Spanish designer at the Camper stores in Genoa, London and Glasgow

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Fisio&Lab Italia Rehabilitation Centre - Turin

Colour Theraphy

Ceramic tiles in four different colours have been installed in the Turin rehabilitation centre Fisio&Lab

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San Giuseppe Nursery School - Peraga di Vigonza (Padua)

A joyful education

A spirit of light and joy radiates from the San Giuseppe nursery school in Peraga di Vigonza (province of Padua), built in accordance with modern educational principles

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Einaudi University College San Paolo section - Turin

Urban colour therapy

Turin. With minimalism in crisis, sensitivity to the creative use of colour may prove an ethically sustainable choice

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Istituto Alberghiero "P. Artusi" - Riolo Terme (RA)

When curves take centre stage

At Rivoli Terme (Ra), a renovated and expanded hotel school is part of a boldly contemporary project in keeping with the spirit of the times.

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State Middle School "Luigi Lombardi" - Bari

Institutional Street Art

In the southern Italian city of Bari, the use of "legally approved" Italian graffiti on a library façade provides an example of student participation in the creation of a shared identity between teachers and pupils

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New Children's Hospital Meyer - Florence

On a child’s scale

The project for the new paediatric centre in Florence proposes cutting-edge environmental sustainability solutions

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